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9/13/2017 15:03 EST


I just had a quick question. My name is Leigha, and I am an American moving to Austria in less than two years. On one of the pages about tips for living in Austria, there was a comment that had me a bit concerned:

"Many Austrian companies will not hire Americans as US tax law requires EU companies to report the incomes of Americans. Most companies will not bother dealing with the US Govt, so don't be offended if you are the perfect candidate and are turned down. One way to subtly ferret out if they will hire you is to ask if other Americans are currently employed by the firm."

On the IRS website, it says that Americans like myself have to report my income to the US government, but how does that work? Do I still pay taxes on the full amount I make in Austria? If so, I would get taxed twice, once by Austria and once by US? That doesn't seem correct.

Any information would be a blessing, and thank you!

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9/18/2017 14:45 EST

HI Leigha,

Check with Leif Simon or Mrs. Kathleen Petticord at a publication named "International Living". I have seen an article there pertaining to your question. The USA and Austria have a bilateral agreement so that you pay taxes only in one country.
My understanding is if you earn $$ in the U.S. but live outside the USA for at least 331 days a year, you DO NOT have to pay income tax (or any tax) to the U.S. Government. If you earn your salary in Austria, you would conceivably pay income tax to Austria. Years ago I had someone do my taxes in the U.S. even though I lived and earned my income in Germany. I filed a U.S. Tax Return annually for 8 years but showed no income as I was paying my taxes in Germany. I am quite sure this will be the case for you living and working in Austria. Make sure you check this info with the two people I mentioned above and subscribe to their publication as it will help you with your life overseas.

Good luck and best wishes.


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