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The process of moving to Bulgraria and becoming a resident

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9/9/2017 13:23 EST


I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a few questions I have regarding moving to Bulgaria from another EU country. Im quite interested of moving from Sweden to Bulgaria and becoming a resident there.

1. How long is usually the whole process of moving and becoming a resident in Bulgaria when moving there from another Eu country? Are we talking weeks, months etc?

2. Any specific requirements or hoops needed to move there? From my understanding of what Ive gathered it should be pretty straight forward no? Especially since I live within EU already.

Any answer is most welcome! Thank you so much!

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9/9/2017 23:27 EST

Hi Daniel, pretty simple to relocate here. As an EU citizen you can come here without restriction, however you will need to get a Lichna Carta from the local authority within 6 months of your arrival, this lasts for 5 years. Getting residency is a different matter as I understand you have to be able to speak Bulgarian fluently to do so.

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9/12/2017 03:00 EST

Hi Daniel

The process is relatively easy. You must be resident in BG for 90 days before applying for a Lichna Karta (residency card). There are some differences from region to region in what is required but basically you will need your passport and your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) or private insurance, you will need evidence of your address (your Notary Act if you have bought a house or a rental agreement), a authorised or notarised statement from a Bulgarian bank with a set amount of money (in Pleven region it is 400 leva), and in my region your Bulstad number (an uniques tax identifier number which you should apply for once you have bought a home/company). You must also sign a declaration that you will not apply for state benefits. The EHIC card must be translated officially, all other documents were accepted in their original state. The Immigration office took the photo's required for the Lichna Karta. There was a fee for the Lichna Karta which has to be paid at a specific bank and for which a receipt must be received and handed to the Immigration Office. I can't remember exactly but it was approximately 50 leva or less. The process took a half day and then we were issued with a photo less Lichna Karta. We returned 1 month later and picked up the photo Lichna Karta. Probably the most important thing is that the Lichna Karta will be issued for a period that coincides with the shortest date of either your EHIC or your passport and to a maximum of 5 years. I would strongly recommend that you photocopy your completed application form so that you have the information for the next application. Also make sure that the spellings of your names in Bulgarian is the same on all your documents to avoid problems later on. Here is a link to an English version of what is required. If it doesn't open add yourself to the Facebook Group Living in Bulgaria and you will find the link in the files section to the left of the home page.

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9/12/2017 09:04 EST

Hi Johnners,

About your comment on coming to and staying in Bulgaria without formal residence status.... that is interesting given my knowledge of the requirements for non-formal residence.

Isn't Bulgaria part of the EU but not part of the Shengen agreement?

If it is not a Shengen country, this would mean its borders are treated as policed even if you are arriving from an EU country. i.e. as an EU-country passport holder(shengen or non-shengen), you will need to pay heed to the expiry of an initial 3 month tourist visa, usually granted on entry(with all requirements met e.g. health insurance).

Could you elaborate if you know any more?

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9/12/2017 09:38 EST

Hi Ontheraodagain, Yes, you have 3 months (90 days) to get yourself a 'Lichna Carta' which is a BG ID card that allows you to remain for 5 years, it is renewable. Indeed, if you leave the country you will need to show your Passport on entry. I see another member has written a very comprehensive post on this subject.

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12/5/2017 15:12 EST

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