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INIS SPEAKS! (sorta...)

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8/1/2017 17:23 EST

Living in Ireland, I really hate living up to the annoying, overly vocal, demanding American stereotype, but... remember, nearly a year ago, INIS allowed us to comment on proposed changes to the regulations for retirees? ...The changes that we were told were coming in early 2017? Well, early 2017 came and went, and I started emailing INIS monthly as to the status of the rules change. After four tries, I GOT AN ANSWER!!! Yes, INIS HAS SPOKEN! ...and the news is that " the new policy on Retirees is nearing completion
and will be published on our website in the coming months." I guess this means that we shouldn't expect any sort of pre-release publicity or notification to those currently on the dreaded Stamp 0 list. Just as INIS has done in the past, the revised rules will just magically appear one day on their web site, where upon we all can try to decipher what they really mean. Sorry if I got your hopes up that there was something meaningful in their communication, the sheer fact that they finally replied seems like a small victory. Now, about all the other issues I've repeatedly emailed them about.... :-)

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8/2/2017 08:06 EST

Interesting, Dave. But given that INIS issued their proposed Stamp 0 rules on Sept. 11, 2016 with no public comments since then, I remain skeptical that anyone at INIS wants to deal with this issue. Given the low number of applicants, I cannot say I blame them although publishing a detailed set of rules would save everyone a lot of time.

In any case, the Dail is on vacation for another 48 days. I am sure certain that INIS currently has their hands full with visa applications of all types and with a new Taoiseach and Justice Minister in place, I suspect little will happen this year.

Further, I suspect that the interest of INIS in dealing with this issue has wained and that they prefer to continue to deal with retirees on a case by case basis.

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8/2/2017 17:27 EST

Kevin -- I agree that interest at INIS is minimal, and I suspect that the only reason they're addressing the issue at all is the negative publicity that was generated after their last less-than-thought-through rulings a couple of years ago. I doubt that the Dail being in session has much to do with any delay in the release of the new rules though, as bureaucracy never sleeps. All those people in gov't cubicle farms have to justify their existence! INIS will always reserve the right to deal with retirees on a case-by-case basis. Otherwise, how would they be able to circumvent their own rules? It's an old Irish tradition, I've found out....

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8/3/2017 16:13 EST


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