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Living in Europe for a year

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11/5/2016 15:30 EST

I am a retired expat currently living in Mexico. I am thinking of travelling to Europe for a year starting sometime next year. I am looking to live for 3 months in the UK and 3 months in France. The other months in Germany, Italy and Spain. I am on a fixed budget and would have about $1000 US for expenses. Where would you suggest I begin my search to see what housing costs (modest, withing a few hours of travel by train to major cities) are in these countries? Thanks

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11/6/2016 10:19 EST

It appears you are not aware of the Schengen Accord. You are limited to 90 days in any 180 calendar days, in all of the Schengen member countries combined.

What that means is you cannot spend 9 or even 6 months in France, Germany, Italy and Spain as they are all members of Schengen.

What you could do since the UK is NOT a member, is spend 3 months in France followed by 3 months in the UK and then return to the continent and spend 3 months in Germany, Italy and Spain.

To spend more than 90 days at one time OR more than 90 days in any 180 calendar days,, you would need to get a visa. First, that isn't that easy and second, to do it just to add 3 months overall doesn't seem very practical to me.

So unless you have left something out like having dual nationality, your choices are to limit your time to 9 months or go through the process of getting a visa of some kind.

One other alternative would be to do the 9 months with the UK in the middle and then return to your home country for 3 months before going back to Europe for another 3 months.

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11/6/2016 15:18 EST

That is exactly the kind of info I am looking for, Old Pro......I like the France then UK then Europe again scenario.......thank you

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11/20/2016 00:03 EST

Hi, Please dont forget to visit once Netherland. Beautiful place.

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3/23/2017 10:37 EST

Many great places to visit in Europe. I lived in Germany for a while and travel the surrounding countries. Breathtaking scenery especially around Switzerland!

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8/28/2017 09:51 EST

HI kentcoguy00! Did you spend your year in Europe yet? I am looking into something similar.

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