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Have been lucky enough to travel widely in my life. But finding Belize in the mid Nineties made me decide I would eventually have to reside there for ever. so after a few more moves around the world and heading to retirement we Bought our slice of Jungle and are working at making it the perfect place for our golden years.

Advice for New Expats

Living in Belize is not an easy life. There will be frustrations and red tape, Very interesting weather conditions to survive. But with an open mind and realization it is "Different from anywhere you have lived before" I personally think it is Wonderful.

I would love to live in...


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Doing flower arrangements for Queen Elizabeth abd her commenting on them.

Some Forum Posts:

Belize: Renting in Belize:

It is always best to Visit the area, book into a cheaper hotel for a few days and then check it out for yourself, Not all rentals are advertised and some of the best are by word of mouth.

Belize: Books:

Truthfully your best bet is to buy a kindle. or equivalent. Books are not a big commodity in Belize as the climate is not very kind to paper goods.

Belize: Relocating from NJ and searching for the perfect beach:

There are some good schools in the Belmopan area and it never gets a sargassum problem. Mainly because it is totally inland. The Christian academy has a very good reputation and has some good results for its children getting into good colleges. The curriculum in all Belize schools is very different from that of north America which is only to be expected as it is not in North America. I was surprised at the mention that the classes in Corozal were unruly as that is not the norm in Belize schools. All school children wear uniforms, and are usually very well turned out every day.

Belize: Retired Military in Belize:

There are plenty of ex military personel in Belize from many nations are you looking for all military or specifically US. I ask as my family are ex Brittish military ( husband full service to retirement myself and my son both much shorter service) and we have a place in the Belmopan area. I think the archives of this forum might show similar past questions about this subject.

Belize: Malaria:

back in the 90's on our first time in Belize, we lived on reclaimed swamp and as soon as the sun started going down you had to be inside or somewhere away from the area as it was dinner time for the Mozzies and people were the main course. I was informed if it crawls flies slithers and bites it lives in Belize, seems accurate. Luckily where we are now we are fortunate to have few really nasties but we do have lots of Bats in the surrounding Jungle. My husband swears by Gin and tonic to avert Malaria, and good screens. Also my son disturbed a 6 foot side winder snake while walking the dogs last night, it sped back into the jungle as the dogs went for it. Dissappointed dogs relieved son.

Belize: Rentals:

In which of the 6 districts, or dozens of towns, or hundreds of villages are you looking to 'Try it ou't in. would give a starting point to anyone who could give you useful information. That was like asking for recommendations for California without saying where or what type of area you like.

Belize: Health Insurance:

That is the plan for when we are full time in Belize, for day to day problems the local doctors and Hospitals do work out OK just not as smart and techno savvy as in the US/first world countries, so it is emergency ecvacuation insurance that is needed.

Belize: Having pharmaceutical drugs shipped to Belize:

It is not the place of any of us to question why a person should wish to live in Belize. I also do not recall the original poster saying he had a "serious" heart condition.

Belize: Expat Pets:

Hi when you import your animals (or even before) Mention on the forum whee you will be and I am sure you will get recommendations for Vets in that area. I can recommend the one we use in Belmopan area as being very good helpful and a lot less expensive than any in the US.

Belize: newbie doing research:

I think Katzgar forgot to say welcome to the forum. The archives are a great resource for research, so many questions answered by people with experience of life in Belize either current or in the recent past.

United States: Obtaining a Counselor's License:

This may get more answers on the Belize forum to inform you If there is a license needed. You don't say what form of counseling, If it would be possible to do it on line with clients outside of Belize. you definitely would not need one. Any form of service offered within Belize Will require a work permit, Just to note Belize is a very poor country and should you get a work permit, you may not be able expect either the volume of clientele nor the fees from them that would be considered the norm in the USA.

Belize: Cowork Space in Belize:

not really everywhere within 2 miles of all the dishes in Belmopan but we are told no not going to get high speed on our side of the highway, at the moment they are istill wiring up and making sure internet ready large areas only just cleared for being prepared to sell as lots. So the hope that in a few years time there MAY be homes and customers is a higher priority than serving actual customers and business already prepared to buy the service. Not a sensible business plan really.

Belize: American wanting to retire in Belize:

Have to say a forum is not a help desk, Ask specific questions and hopefully your questions can be answered by those on the forum with personal experience,, but requesting some one does your general research about a large district is not such question. There are answers to a myriad of such specific questions archived on this forum. Belize guide books will give you overviews and stats of all the areas of Belize. Google maps can give you location information Hope some of that helps.

Belize: Work Permits:

If your employer is in the US and all monies you recieve in Belize comes from foreign sources. None of the work you are doing while in Belize is aimed at Belize Markets, companies or the people of Belize you should be fine. You will still have to do your monthly Immigration misery though, wether going for Residency, after 12 months living in Belize with 14 or less days out of the Country, or just wishing to remain in Belize for a few months/years.

Belize: Best location for expats in Belize:

If you want central location a couple of hours drive to most tourist destinations, Beaches and airport. Near to all facilities of the Capitol city but still with a rural setting the outer areas of Belmopan I find Ideal. Not being priced out yet, but am seeing a lot more interest in the area. Only way to find your own Ideal location is to visit each area individually and feel if its the right fit for you.

Belize: Moving to Belize:

For Slidwbar As Allan will attest if you can grow decent mushrooms there is likely a fair market in Belize. I toyed with the idea but my only previous experience was one with the bale packs grown in the spare room. I was not sure I could do it on the right scale for marketing. Presently they are a 'sometimes available' commodity fresh imported from Mexico or its just canned varieties not so nice. Still like the idea though just need someone else to do the " heavy lifting" for me.

Belize: EarthBags in Belize:

there is an area in Cayo up by the dam that has several earth bag homes, one was even featured on house hunters.

Belize: Prescriptions:

Sorry to say the Pharmacies in Belize do not dispense those Narcotics you need. As this was also a big thread a couple of years ago and the upshot was no availablity in Belize even with a US prescription. Nothing has changed. They do not have an Opiode problem and this way the wish to ensure they keep it that way. If not available problem cant take hold..

Belize: Big ticket items moving from Chetumal to Corozal; Fees? Taxes?:

Do not know if any fees payable on Mexico side but likely to be 40% of price paid as duty into Belize, add in the cost of delivery vehicle, There are fees associated with taking a Belize registered vehicle into Mexico plus purchase of temporary Mexican insurance. Or a you can get a Mexican company to deliver across the border to Belize either way is not likely to be a very cheap deal. Add these into costs of buying "cheap"in Chetumal and then compare to Belize stores The savings are not as great as one imagines. As I do not live close to the Mexican border the additional delivery costs for me I found would outweigh any initial savings on the purchase, When I was looking for quality ceiling fans. the price was lower in Mexico but knowing I would have to pay the customs duty and get them back to the center of Belize I decided to take my time. I later found a great deal on the exact model i had been looking at, back in Builders Hardware in Belmopan. the overall price worked out to be less than Mexico cost Plus 40% duty and just price of gas for my truck up to the border and back.

Belize: Visiting Belize alone:

Just using your normal common sense you should be fine. Belize city is not a tourist place, if and when I have needed to stay in the area I stay to the north of the Hospital towards Ladyville. I stay alone in our place in Belize, Belmopan often, Sometimes to give my son an escape from the ranch without him worrying about who will care for the dogs and everything else. Both AC and Placencia are walkable tourist areas, just don't decide to explore unknown areas after dark on your own.

Belize: Canadian Advice ?:

Funny kids don't know what others have until told. My younger son was actually surprised to find that his classmates did not have daddies in the army when we moved to a new home in England he was 8 by then. So long as a child feels loved and safe he/she will not complain about a restricted diet so long there is enough of it to keep him fed.

Belize: Visa Requirement:

Must agree with Waljoa if any work is involved including volunteer/charity work a permit is required and the person/agency organizing your Workaway program should have this in hand and give you the details. If you do not have a work permit in place you are a tourist and the 30 day entry visa strictly prohibits any form of employment

Belize: online ordering of power drill:

Things being expensive in Belize is all relative. If you can only live with the big brand names they will have to be imported and seem expensive. If you legally bring them in you will pay an average of an extra 40% in duty. Last week I had an uncomfortable experience in a Belmopan store. Very nicely dressed woman was being very helpfully assisted by the young woman assistant, she wanted Milk and when shown the aisle with dried and lala milk became quite short with the young woman who imediately appologised to her and showed her the fresh milk in the fridge aisle. I was at the fridge saw they had very nice granny smith apples so reached in to get some to make apple pie. The woman asked the girl for avocados, it was explained we have none "why?'" 'They are not in season at the moment'. The woman then picked one of the apples out of fridge examined it saw price sticker of $1.20 and asked for a pound of them. the young assistant explained they were $1.20 each and asked how many did she want. At this point the expat woman Started yelling at the young woman. "Why are they so expensive? " Young assistant " well mam they do not grow in Belize" the woman was then stillshouting at the girl for anyone to hear, "this is ridiculous I can get granny smith apples at $1.99 a pound in Florida and Avocados are available year round. You get in produce just for the Expats then jack up the price to gouge us" she then threw the apple in her hand with force into the back of the fridge and stormed from the shop. The young girl was near to tears. I appologised to her for the stranger's actions. Had that Florida woman thought it through a pound of granny smiths is 3 or 4 apples so that is around $1+ bze each so the price was not Jacked up as she claimed. I can assure you Local Belizeans do buy Apples and pay the same price as expats. There is no real excuse for such bad behavour anywhere. If the person is a Forum reader I hope she has the grace at least to be embarrassed.

Belize: road safety in Belize:

Cayo district is very hilly so you do need strong legs but Cycling is popular as a means of transport and as a sport. At the weekend in that district you will see many cycling clubs out for a run. There are several big organised cycling events that attract international riders. during the year.Traffic is always a concern to a cyclist wherever you are, but there are very few hard shoulder areas and some main roads do have "Frilly edges" and most have sleeping policemen (speed humps) of differing designs so they do work at slowing traffic, You ask about cycling to ruins and tourist attractions, few of these are on main roads and most a trek into more jungle areas, The Zoo is on the main road but its a long hilly ride from San Ignatio area. Don't be put off if it is what you want to do. You will soon decide if you still think it a good idea or not once you get here. Just remember to bring a good stock of puncture repair kits.

Belize: buying items online in Belize:

These items are both available within the Mennonite stores in Spanish lookout. Courts sometimes have them but they charge for delivery, they just had a recent sale on sports equipment. so may not have new supplies for a while.


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