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Pakistan: Life in Pakistan for Brit female:

hi, you won't have a problem at all if you just choose your area. There are tons of great new developments. Stay away from the inner old cities. I lived in the UK for 36 years, I am here now and my kids won't go back.

Pakistan: women in Pakistan:

Question really is... why would a muslim woman want to dress NOT in accordance with her religion? This is a muslim country and Islam is slowly but surely rising here in it's real essence. If you are just Muslim by name and reject most of Islam then you will be confined to the richer classes here and their areas. I suggest you come here for a visit before taking any kind of risks. You need to experience the bumper car driving here before you even think about showing off your body. Sorry if I come across as rude or direct but some things need to be said they way they are.


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