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Hi, My boyfriend is from Angola and he is moving back home next year, our relationship is getting serious and im considering moving to Angola. Im planning to visit first and see how it is. One thing Im prepared for is the culture shock, Im from South Africa and I'm in my 20's. I need help on knowing what Im getting myself into life in Angola Is it really that expensive (i did some research and WOW!) Is it safe How is the infrastructure How is medical care Is the government a dictatorship? How is it in comparison to South Africa How is life as a foreigner Is it true i will need 2 passports? Are my chances of being robbed, mugged and arrested high? I hear the good things from Angolians but i NEED to know what im moving to, moving to a new country is always is MAJOR step no matter where you go Sorry for so many questions, Ive never traveled outside my home country. Please can responses be honest and truthful from people who have ACTUALLY been to Angola for more than 1 month, no use receiving advise from someone who does not even know where Angola is or what the flag even looks like or someone that has only days of experience. thank you so much for all the help REALLY appreciate any responses,


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