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China: Branded products:

where can I find Branded products like Appliances and Power Tools in Shanghai or anywhere else in China any input is highly appreciated why is it not possible to edit a a post

China: Banded products:

where can I find Banded products like Appliances and Power Tools in Shanghai or anywhere else in China any input is highly appreciated

Brazil: New Immigration Laws:

does anybody here have practical information about the New Immigration Laws concerning the Investors Permanent Visa Immigration Program Please post any new information

Colombia: Moving to Pereira:

@mauro83 try to create your own job

Colombia: Comparison of crime rates:

where exactly is Eje del Cafe by which towns is Eje del Cafe encompassed some say Manizales, Armenia and Pereira please advise what is correct

Colombia: RE computers:

@awalles to answer all you questions get a Mac mac filez rulez

Panama: Any taxi owners in Panama ?:

@LarryCostaRica you buy a fleet of vehicles with all the permits and insurances. then you actually lease your cars to reliable good drivers for U$42/day. the drivers pay for the gas and clean the cars these drivers will grind your cars 24/7 lots of maintenance and headache for you if you do the math a car rental would be a better deal

Panama: coffee?:

@tommcc I tried all the different coffees I could find in chiriqui nothing to get excited about all the coffees are low grade robusta some of the darker roasts were actually burned Santa Rosa De Copan in Honduras is the place to get very good and inexpensive coffee

Panama: Trump Won - I'm outta here!:

Why do you gringos keep buying into this election circus it's all a scam you have been duped over and over wake up people!!!

Panama: Wireless Router:

it depends where the bottleneck is (a good router cannot make up for a bad connection) my advise buy a linksys router from amazon any store in panama will charge you more than double for the same device

Panama: Senior Citizen Discounts?:

now you need a Cedula

Brazil: Permanent Visa Investors Process:

hi all can anybody here describe the exact procedure of the: Permanent Visa Investors Process only found contradictory information

Panama: Coronado taxis:

Swiss Army for logistical reasons you store your personal equipment at your home view the photo in the link above

Panama: Pan Am Hwy & Darien:

why so much fear mongering people want to be free nobody owns this planet

Panama: Storage rental in Panama City:

@wjc08 this is NOT a joke after a long time they replied to my mail with some prices then when I asked them where exactly they are located they replied it's confidential as they are concerned of being robbed the best storage is in Milla8 before the Coca Cola factory it's clean modern and well guarded you will see a big billboard from far away

Panama: Retirement Places:

KL is a great place safe, cheap, best food in the world and english speaking Malaysia has a second home immigration plan

Panama: Computer Stores in Panama City: all items are online the owner is german and speaks english too unfortunately the employees only speak spanish to avoid headache get a Mac

Panama: Quick Lube or Kitchen & Bathroom Business?:

@Champ87 what about opening a machine shop

Argentina: Grape prices to raise this season:

why are we paying nearly U$8.- for a kilo of seedless grapes here in panama

Panama: Where to check next in Panama:

Altos de Maria is my favorite unfortunately nobody lives there and everything is for sale

Panama: Condado del Rey:

@cdnfencesitter always add at least $36 dollars per day insurance to your low car rental rates

Panama: Boquete - SETI - Aliens?:

lying mainstream as usual

Panama: moving question:

ask Avianca's and Copa's cargo section

Panama: Recommendation for a pensionado visa lawyer:

@Moleman please reply to my PM

Panama: Scuba Diving:

@Panama2018 Panama is not a diving destination


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