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Bulgaria: Flying with pets:

I am also interested as I will be moving to Bulgaria and I can't leave my Dog behind :( we must fly him over.

Bulgaria: How to make money:

Hello all :) We have just got out small dwelling and land in Mirovtsi bulgaria. We are both mid 30's and really would like to live off grid but maybe we are unrealistic :/ How do you all live ? Do you work ? Internet business ? We have a few plans but really interested how people make ends meat. Thank you in advance for you feedback :)

Bulgaria: Building regulations:

Can anyone offer any help on finding info on building laws in Bulgaria. Looking at some property for sale I'm not sure that they have many rules and regulations but that works just fine for me. We are wanton to build a straw / cob house and be off grid :)

Bulgaria: Eco off grid living close to varna:

Hello all! I have just paid for my land and derelict house in the countryside close to varna. Has anyone done this ? Anyone live close ? Any advice ?? We are both in our mid 30's and I have a 17 year old who may stay in England. We are building a cob house and plan on living pretty much off grid. Would love to chat with anyone who is close to varna or who has moved to Bulgaria for a slower way of life.

Bulgaria: How many Brits?:

I am planning my move and will happily share my thought with you if you were interested :) I believe lots of people like me who are sick of the rat race here in London are planning to more to Bulgaria. The property is sooooo cheap !


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