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Portugal: D2 VISA:

Any suggestions on who to hire to obtain this VISA. I am Brasil and is complicated to get a slot/appointment with the local Portuguese Consulate. Thanks for any info. Best regards to all in the group. Cheers

Portugal: Strobel and Santos:

Has any body here dealt with this guys? In special any brazilian(s) that have obtained a visa by hiring this "law office"? Thanks for any input. Cheers

Uruguay: Health Care:

Hi there, My wife and I are returning to Montevideo to conclude the residency process, our "cedulas" are ready waiting for us be picked up, we did the process last time we were there. My question is, with the "cedulas" do we have access to hospitals/health care etc, in case we need in a emergency? The reason for the question is, if we do have access, I am don't see the need to purchase a travel health insurance. I appreciate any insight in to this. Best regards to all of you on the forum. Cheers

Uruguay: mail & packaging foward:

Hi every one. Any body knows or have use such service in Uruguay?

Uruguay: General aviation Uruguay:

Hi there, I am a fixe wing and rotor wing pilot, any insight on the market there, for helicopter pilots? Cheers I just got my residency, not hoping to work as a pilot there, but it doesn't hurt to get to know the "industry" there. Thank you for any info.

Uruguay: Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores:

Hi there, does any body have any knowledge of a phone number for information related to residency process status? My wife got a email informing her that the process is ok, and she can show up to complete the process, though we did the whole thing together, so far I have not got any email. My wild guess is that the lady that did my "interview" probably misspell my email. I have sent them a email, using the same address on the email that my wife received hers, but so far nada. I appreciate any info. Cheers

Uruguay: Whats wrong with my Topic???:

I posted a Topic asking about information on how to go about registering a company in Uruguay, or maybe to point me to some kind of service that could help me with that. I ZERO response, so did I asked the wrong question, or did I ask in the wrong way? Did I do something here to be ignored? If I did please let me know. You all have a nice week

Uruguay: Opening a Company:

Hi everybody, any body could tell me how long it takes to open a company in Uruguay, like a LCC, would be for a online business. Also how much to open and to keep the company. appreciate any info. Cheers

Uruguay: Mercado de trabalho para pilotos. de Helicoptero.:

Como e o mercado de trabalho para piloto de helicóptero no Uruguai? How is the job market for helicopter pilots in Uruguay?

Uruguay: Quanto "vale"/ What is "worth":

O que se pode fazer com 3 milhões de pesos Uruguaios? What can you accomplished with 3 millions pesos in Uruguay? Obrigado por qualquer post. Thanks for any post's.


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