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Portugal: still looking:

Hi Tim, I have sent you a message regards Derek

Portugal: English language radio programme:

Good Morning Portugal with Derek and Dan is an English language radio programme broadcast courtesy of Vida Nova 105.5 FM based in Santiago da Guarda, Ansião, central Portugal. The programme is a mixture of lively chat, music and phone ins for the English speaking community in Portugal. The show hits the airwaves every Saturday morning between 10am and 12 noon though you can also tune in online at Vida Nova 105.5 FM. If you'd like to phone and have a chat with Derek and Dan about any subject, you can by calling 00 351 236 670 170 and 00 351 236 670 171. If you want to request music, make a dedication or want to give your opinion on the topic of the week, give them a call during 10am and 12noon every Saturday morning. or find us on facebook

Portugal: Seeking 3 bedroom long-term rental:

Take a look at the casa sapo website, they have listings on there for the whole country regards Derek

Portugal: Buying property in Portugal:

The buying process in Portugal is relatively straightforward and follows a set procedure. From start to finish the whole process usually takes anything up to five months, though this may vary depending upon the number of persons involved and whether all the necessary paperwork is in order and how quickly you wish to proceed. There are many subtle differences in buying a property in Portugal from the United Kingdom. The most noticeable difference is all estate agents in Portugal (agentes Imobiliarios) have to be registered and licensed. Although there are a vast number of websites advertising property for sale in central Portugal and the rest of the country, unless they are licensed and registered it is illegal for them to either show or negotiate a sale. You can easily identify a registered estate agents' website by the AMI number displayed. Don't be fooled into thinking they are licensed and legally able to sell properties in Portugal just because they have 'Real Estate' or 'Estate Agent' in their website details. Although it may be tempting to view and even purchase properties through these advertisers, the Portuguese property market is rife with potential pitfalls and it is wise to deal only with registered, trained professionals, whom are up to date with the latest property laws

Portugal: Working in Portugal:

If you are considering moving to Portugal and intend to find work. Before you make the move, take into consideration salaries are significantly lower than those in the United Kingdom. Like the United Kingdom there is a minimum wage, however even after an increase in January 2008, this equates to 426€ per month. This rate applies to those aged over 20. Younger workers receive a fixed percentage of the minimum rate. The minimum wage in Portugal, although considerably lower than that in the United Kingdom, is proportionate to the cost of living. Business working hours do differ from the United Kingdom, in that typical working hours in Portugal run from 9am until 1pm with a two hour break for lunch, resuming at 3pm through until 7pm. The maximum legal working week in Portugal is 40 hours. Annual leave entitlement is 22 working days. There are also an obligatory 12 public holidays and two optional ones. Working in Portugal One major consideration to think about if you do want to work in Portugal is, away from the larger tourist areas having a working knowledge of Portuguese will be essential. Anyone from an EU country who becomes a resident in Portugal and has obtained a Tax and Social Security number has the right to work in Portugal without a permit, providing they have a valid passport. You will have the same rights as a Portuguese person with regards to pay, working conditions and access to housing, vocational training, social security.

Portugal: Living in Portugal:

Adapting to the way of life in Central Portugal may take some time. Away from the big cities, life is slower paced than that of Britain. You may find things, such as paperwork, take longer to achieve when dealing with authorities. However the people are friendly and welcoming and have time to stand and chat to you. Before coming to Portugal it is definitely an advantage to try learn a few words of the language. There are many books, courses and dvds available to help speed you on your way to fluency. Even if you can communicate enough to say hello to your neighbours, order your lunch and comment on the weather it will certainly help you feel at home more quickly. It will also endear you to the Portuguese, who are fiercely proud of their language. Portuguese take gastronomy seriously. In the Central region there are many excellent restaurants and cafes, which serve a variety of regional traditional dishes including roasted kid and bacalhau com natas (cod with cream) with superb locally produced wines. Eating out in Central Portugal is inexpensive and it is not unusual for a restaurant to offer a three course lunch with wine for 6€. If you have a sweet tooth you will enjoy the large selection of regional cakes and desserts available.

Portugal: Top Ten Tips for buying a property:

Just following on with some more top ten tips. 1 Take your time. Don’t rush into signing a promessa contract until you are sure the property and location are completely suitable for your needs. 2 Take off the ‘rose coloured glasses’. Remember not to do anything you won’t back in the United Kingdom. If something seems a little out of the ordinary seek independent advice. 3 Make a checklist of requirements you want from your property in Portugal. If you are looking to retire and live abroad take into consideration proximity of local amenities. If it a holiday house you are looking for – is an airport important? 4 Ensure the legal owner is selling the property you wish to buy and that what is advertised is what is being sold. 5 Ensure on the day you sign for the property the property is clear from any debt. Mortgages and debts are registered to a property in Portugal. Until you register the property in your name debt can be added and it is up to you to pay it off. 6 If you like a property, talk to the locals. They are a great source of information and will be glad to assist. 7 Visit the property more than once and at different times of the day. What looks great in the evening sun, may not first thing in a morning. 8 Location of your property is important. If you are looking at a property close to water (river, lake, stream etc) please note it does rain in Portugal and water levels can rise dramatically within hours. Remember if you are viewing a property in the spring or summer, it does rain in Portugal during the autumn and winter. What looks like a cute rock garden, could turn out to be a dry river bed. 9 Under declaring. When you are purchasing a property in Central Portugal beware of under declaring the property’s’ true value when signing at the Escritura. The practice is illegal and it could cost you dearly when, and if, you come to sell. You will be liable to pay tax on a property if you make a profit from its sale. 10 Register your property and land as quickly as possible following the final signing. Until you register the property in your name previous owners can still lodge debt against the property.

Portugal: traveling to porto:

Hi Milly, not sure why september would be the best month to visit Porto, unless there are some events on that month, or perhaps it may be because the weather will be a bit cooler. Porto is a lovely city, with plenty to see.

Portugal: Expat groups:

Hi Nat9 welcome to the forum, iam not sure of any groups that would sponser an event, there are large bookstores that hold book reading in the bigger cities, shops like fnac hold events,in Lisbon. perhaps you could speak to them, or one of the English book shops on the Algarve.

Portugal: 10 Tips for Living in Portugal:

My tip for moving to Portugal would be to do plenty of research before you come, then when you get here take your time when finding the perfect place to live, ask around for info from others that have made the move, possibly rent first in an area to see if its right for you before buying. we have info on moving to, living and working in Central Portugal on our info website at.

Portugal: Finding out more about Portugal:

some great info on moving to portugal on this link for a information website or the main site is


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