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Bahamas: Bahamas - Working as a real estate agent if not a Bahamian?:

Hey guys, A regular lurker here, posting for the first time. I am a Canadian citizen considering a move to either Belize or the Bahamas. I am in Belize as I type this; I have learned that Belize would allow me to work as a real estate agent here once I take up residency. I understand that if I purchase a home worth $500+, Bahamas would grant me a permanent residency with right to work (!ut/p/b1/vZTJbqNAFEW_xR_gUAyFYckUwAwGzLxBNjZmMFC2Y4b6-ra7I7UUKelNJ_VWJd37ju5dPCIlYiLtdkN12r1Vfbc7P_8pm9HqxnIlhrM4luGBTvq2LisOrfr0Q5A8BOCTJ4A_fqBagvDbv376jY1h8gatkgwREfE6waJ000dF8bIpuG_06H7Rfcrou8qtrgWlt-188dTZjICbaff4iHp6T4kBwshJt_1AuhfGPhZdvttKoeA2GLUue_ByMcSqzB85vzvm-Xw1tWmeKDyNW1dbF2PQZwjnJ10LXXXAxq6OxnBP24lg3RsDVjDysgNk1B0dapUZ4GYbrophFHB1XXK3xXvuL4L9o7eISL-shoXvgi-qtbW-PRLJQ7b6bI_mQMInYsBk23pGOm6wV4MRWLJn3Gp3BAqYrGYV2kGD7TfbturQJBsK32TRsJsTvikj2PKOcwi9QBSE0iuM7CNwQ_lPoESyRgDB1mW-G_ghIfxxIPntlRoU_QCatGlzEglo6qeB_z_hmkirffsy5u0LeGF5nmYBfHB4FnAkRYR1wvLy8wbodlEeQ7VFQ6oIlSJKqDLOpNuW8IKcEW3SK7VKml6ZNr7D32XTQ5MGa1kshRGSGOHz3og4ea2iXHAzl08kPuXKUQ-0ToOvFdBgmdi6FC8HOTH99mSW_eH1cI3XnFRrzJ3slsgAEdpIoIxvb5Hd3Ffri3d-3J38HMBCcs1XTvLZ2VbCojsol1kq35SWch1jJo_01SuEPF6KTZDW00BTMWz9cUGgNhhM1uPs4u9YwmLxC0Cta-o!/dl4/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/) My question is, would I be able to work as a real estate agent under this permit? Or is being an agent reserved for only Bahamian citizens? I am a real estate investor and my past experiences have taught me that working as an agent helps find better deals and make connections. Does anyone have any experience with this type of a situation?

Bahamas: Working as a Real Estate Agent in Nassau:

Hello, I am a Canadian who is looking into moving to Bahamas (Nassau) in the next 6-12 months. I have about $5M to invest, and I am looking into real estate in Nassau. Ideally, I would like to receive permanent residency by investing in a house ($500k+) and then proceed to becoming a real estate agent so I can learn more about the Nassau market. I understand that this would be considered as me "working" in the Bahamas, and I was wondering if anyone here had experience doing what I am trying to do. If I do invest $500k+ in a house, does my permanent residency come with the right to work? The government site says "and/or" right to work, not sure what to make of that. Any pointers, or practical experience you can share would be great! Andrew in Vancouver


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