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Belize: container to new location in Belize:

I'm trying to imagine how on earth you get your belongings to Belize. I get you can ship a container from say Huston Tx. (maybe not right now), but I'm trying to imagine How you would get that container or even just the Items, say a large kayak, large mattress table, etc. from Belize City to say Caye Caulker or even Sarteneja? I assume Belize City is the only Port large enough to ship a container to in North Belize? Love to hear how any recent expats accomplished the move! Thanks!

Belize: draft beer:

awww hell, what next? there's no Santa Clause in Belize either! Have to say I'm bummed and confused for sure after reading all the negative post about Belize. Not sure what the heck or where the heck I'll end up. Have to get the hell out of where i'm at though...can't afford to live here anymore. Good thing my hands work well enough to pop the top off a beer and pore it into a glass myself.

Belize: QRP $24,000 Question:

Thanks! tha was helpful for me too, good info!

Belize: Single woman wanting to talk to other single woman who live in Belize:

Hats off to you ladies! Every one i tell that I want to move to Belize tells me I'm nuts.(maybe so, Ha Ha),Good Luck! hope to see your positive posts in the future! Dan

Belize: buying a car or boat in Belize:

Hello all, I am hoping to move to Belize soon and rent until I find an area that i like/like's me. I was wondering if thee are car lots, or websites that people sell there car at? or do you just have to ask around and keep an eye out for a "for sale" sign? Oh, and what hoops would i have to jump though to legally drive in Belize? Don't think my US driver license will do the trick. I also hope to buy a boat that would be Ocean worthy, nothing too big, Just a safe fishing boat, a small, (used) Whaler would be nice if i could get it at a reasonable price. speaking of price...are cars and boats less expensive, more expensive, or about the same in Belize?...thinking it depends on location, like here in the US. Thanks for any input!

Belize: Retiring & Banking in Belize:

chime'n in a bit late...just saw your reply... I have not been to Belize yet, but plan to explore it and hope to find a place where i can enjoy living...that being said...I too was wondering how I would go about banking in Belize. I figured i would have to open an account in a Belize bank and transfer $'s from my US Bank to a Belize bank, then use a Belize Bank ATM card. It sounded like you are saying I can use a US Bank ATM card in Belize...Is this correct? Thanks for any responses!

Belize: Rent-vs-Buy:

Thanks for all your advice! Cayo sounded good till i thought about those all those republican retirees showering showering nude that 5allan mentioned....(eeewww), would send me running back home for sure! 30 sometin's might be another story! ;)


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