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Mexico: Consultant Needed - Upcoming Trip to Mexico:

I'm planning a trip in May to Guadalajara, Mexico City and Ajijic. This will be my first trip to Mexico and I'm looking for someone who has lived in either all or one of these cities within the past three years and could answer several questions that i have. If you are interested, please reply to this post.

Mexico: Ajijic Questions:

I am planning a trip to Ajijic later this year, and have a few questions : 1). What percentage of the streets in Ajijic are cobblestone ? A). Do these cobblestone streets have lots of ruts ( uneven sections ) ? 2). Can toilet paper be flushed down the toilet ? 3). What is a typical internet speed ? 4). In the past 12 months, have there been temps above 90 degrees ? 5). How many banks / ATM's are there in Ajijic ? 6). How many grocery stores are there in Ajijic ? I would appreciate anyone who has lived in Ajijic for several months or longer, to please respond. Thank you in advance..........

Guatemala: Shuttle Van To Panajachel:

I'm planning a trip to Panajachel in March and I'm looking for a shuttle van driver that can pick me up at the Guatemala City airport . I'm not interested in riding on the chicken bus If anyone knows of a good dependable driver that can take me from the airport to Panajachel, I would appreciate a reply, and if you have their phone number, that would be even better. Thank you.......

Guatemala: Transportation Questions:

I'm planning a trip in the next 90 days to the Antigua / Lake Atitlan area to do some research as a possible long term retirement location. Once i arrive in Guatemala City , are there any other options to get to Antigua / Lake Atitlan besides taxi, shuttle , or the chicken bus ? Are there any private airplane services that would fly from Guatemala City to Antigua or Lake Atitlan ? I realize that a big 747 jet is not going to fly into these area's ; i'm thinking more of a smaller propeller type with limited seating . Any information would be appreciated..........

Guatemala: Questions - Lake Atitlan:

I'm 63, just recently retired, and planning a trip this fall to Lake Atitlan as a possible long term retirement location. A few questions for those who are retired and living in the Lake Atitlan area long term. 1). Regarding clothing, how do you wash your clothes ( hand wash, washing machine, local laundry, other ) ? 2). I'm looking to rent ..... How did you find your rental ( local posting, real estate company , other ) ? 3). Do you pay your bills ( rent, electricity, internet ) , online or do you use Guatemala currency ? Thank you, Bill


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