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Belize: Violence:

Hi, I'm new to this forum so I've lots of questions to ask but it concerns me to know violence is on the increase. Is this just in BC or is the rest of the country of concern too?

Belize: Planning to relocate:

Hi, my husband and I are also planning a move to Berlize. We have booked our flights to be in the country March next year. We're hoping to meet some expats, of all nationalities (we're British) when we come to give us a much more in depth idea of the country and Placencia is one place on our list. I would love to communicate with yourselves, or someone else in the area, if possible as we have lots of questions! Sue

Belize: Strong medications:

Hi, im in the UK and I'm new to this forum. I am seriously considering retiring to Belize with my husband. The only real problem is that I'm disabled and on some pretty strong meds ( I believe the equivalent is Vicodin in the USA). Does anyone know if I can get this if I need it (I'm seriously hoping the good weather and healthier diet will counteract the need for it).


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