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Chile: Considering a move; worried about earthquakes and weather:

Good morning. I'm a US citizen and live in Ecuador, Belize, Costa Rica, Chile and Puerto Rico. Of all the places I choose always Chile for many reasons. My family of 4 is also planing to move next June 2017. I would like to give some advise. 1) When you go to Chile people will always tell you what you want to hear, thats why everyone seems so nice and helpful. 2) must keep all family members busy doing something, find you're tribe or community and serve in some way. 3) Stay away from Santiago and surrounded areas, Smog will make you sick eventually. 4) If you like warm and dry weather go to Arica or stay north, if you like Mediterranean weather and farming stay in Central Chile, if you prefer hot- cold and humid go south. 5) if you buy or rent a house make sure is build with 6" thick blocks, not 4". 6) Look for like minded motivated people that is doing better than you, who share the same goals and values. If not, some people will pull you down and you will lose all motivation. Just find a good community, look for you're tribe and serve in some way, and during the journey you will find real Happiness.

Chile: Abou project in Pencahue, Chile:

About the project in Chile. Im getting around 1000 views per month on web page (Europe & USA) and receive lots of inquiries about the project, most inquiries are about buying a lot and become part of the community. I can increase the number of lots to 25 or 30 and reduce the farm size, also I was thinking about a thermal water spa or retreat, use the community center for restaurant, coffee-wine bar, and rooms for different health treatments or workshops. Build cabins or condos for people to stay during treatments. A deep well can be dig for around 20k to get thermal water. The lots will pay for entire spa project and farm, and income will come from spa and 20 acre farm, blueberries/pecan/olives/grapes. Other alternatives for income can be making organic Olive oil and artesanal wine, etc. I was also in the restaurant business and have training on vegan and macrobiotic foods, I can setup and run a restaurant at the community. My life passion is building cabins, farming and cooking. I travel all over Central-South America and some Europe and I'm very familiar with thermal water spas and how they operate, most are near active volcanoes and others just use springs or deep wells and tap into thermal waters. They distribute the water thru pvc pipes into the pools. When the thermal water is to hot they just mix with cold water from near river or cold water well. Water is full of minerals and high ph. I own the perfect property for projects related to farming, sustainable community and thermal spa. Just need an investor to partner with me and help me with the cost of development and I do the work. Lots sold will pay for entire project in 2-3 years, and will have the community building with commercial kitchen and restaurant, cabins, thermal spa retreat and farm own free and clear. Finally found a buyer for my construction business in Houston and that's why I'm pushing so hard into finding a partner.

Chile: Wheres the cheapest to live there?:

I have a place in Pencahue, 35 minutes from Talca. Im also a very handy person, I Build cabins before and have farming experience. I live in Houston and I'm planing to move to Chile June 2018. if you own a cabin and own a car, your monthly expenses won't exceed 600-700 a month, you can get a job in Talca, or rent some land for farming. Check the farm in Pencahue at: Let me know if you have any questions.

Chile: Tax on Foreign Rental Income:

You can start an S corporation and pay taxes only once and deduct all you're expenses. I deal with rentals for a while, I even deduct my airplane tickets and hotels. Have rentals in Chile and U.S.

Chile: job and community partnership.:

Hello Everyone, happy Sunday. I own a well know and stablished business that gross 360k year and nets around 180k. Located in Houston, Texas. And I can't just close the business and move to Chile. The business operates from February to November, 30 hours a week. So, I decided that is better to find a partner and share the community farm project and the Business responsibilities. Partner must be willing to work 5 months in Houston running the business, 5 months running the community farm development and the remaining two months are off season. I don't see any other way to make this work, I'm open to comments and ideas, for more details see the web page I created November 2016.

Chile: How to bring $ to Chile from USA? Open Bank acct. *self employed in USA but living in Chile- anyone else?:

I have the same situation, I purchase a working Farm in Pencahue on 2013 and have to open an account in Chile. Try BCI, talk to Jeannette and maybe she can help you.

Chile: Looking for land partners to start a sustainable and resilient community:

Looking for like minded partners to start a sustainable community. I have experience in construction and organic farming.

Chile: Partnership, Investment in Chile and work visa.:

Hello Expats. This is how i did it. First I did all my due diligence's before investing in Chile. First visit Chile many times, apply for residence and eventually got my citizenship last year, On 2013 I bought 80 acres in Pencahue and I decided that 2017 is the year to start a sustainable community, I can't do it alone and decided to look for like minded individuals or families that want to be part of the community, please take a look at the web page created Nov. 2016. Im going to be in Chile early February, I can meet or show the farm to anyone interested.

Chile: New cabin construction at community in Pencahue, Chile:

Just got prices on some prefab cabins, anyone knows any other prefab builder near Talca. I need to build a cabin for my first lot buyer at Cerro del Angel community.

Chile: Snakes:

some little garden snakes, but no poison snakes like here in Texas.

Chile: Visiting Chile for Research:

Hello Kelly, Im from Houston and I'm also flying to Chile in January. Im trying to start a community in Pencahue, Chile. My plan is to build a community center with commercial kitchen and dining hall. Just create a web page and have already 3 people interested in buying lots so far. The only place I can recomend now is Talca, 3 hours south of Santiago, the town is booming and is a good timing to start anything there because is much cheaper than Santiago. If you decided to start a restaurant let me know, i can supply with fresh fruits and vegetables, and also meat, have lambs on the farm. Good luck. Caesar

Chile: Equal Partner for sustainable community in Pencahue, Chile:

Looking for equal partner on sustainable community farm in Pencahue, Chile. Im open to all comments and ideas.

Chile: Moving to teach English with husband and two year old:

Try the city of Talca, Chile. 3 hours from santiago de Chile

Chile: Lawyers in Talca:

My lawyer in Talca is Andrea Soledad Moya. She's the best in Talca, help me with buying a farm and a beach property. her number is: 2233714 from usa 56712233714. let me know if you have any question

Chile: Hola Expats in Chile!!!:

Im traveling to Chile on January, i start a sustainable community in Pencahue call Cerro del Angel. check the web page:

Chile: Chile Retirement:

Yes, is more expensive if you live in Santiago and live were the rich people live, most people in chile lives well with $800.00 a month salary.

Chile: looking for land partners:

Good evening, Any luck selling you're house and business? I sold my house and bought a farm in Pencahue, Chile. Im trying to sell my business now and make the final move June-July 2018. Im looking also for partners. Im a builder and also have farming experience, I live in Houston, Texas


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