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Belize: Pets returning to USA:

Hi, just needing clarification, we are spending two months in Belize and bring our dogs by plane. I've a lot of info on bring dogs into Belize but I haven't seen much on returning with dogs to the USA. Does anyone do it on a regular basis that can shed some guidance?

Belize: Bring pets back and forth:

I am curious on the difficulty of bringing dogs back and forth from the states. We will be starting to live in Belize for a few months at a time and will want to bring our 'kids'. Any thoughts would be helpful.

Belize: business opportunity:

Your perception of who enjoys Belize is extremely narrow minded. I've enjoyed my time in this 'Bananna Republic'. And enjoy the people of Belize. It is energizing and refreshing. It may not be for yourself.


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