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Belize: Belize move, ship household itrmd or sell before move?:

I'm sure thi question hs been asked before, but here it is. Contemplating retiringand moving to Belize from Philadelphia area, question is do I tore my tewo bedroom apartment gppds to be shipped aftere I secure a fianl housing in Belize, or do most people sell evdrything and buy replac3ements in Belize. I'm reading that mot rentals come fully furnished, or is that not correct? If you have sold your household how did you go about that, an estate sale,etc? Thanks, in advance for your assistance. So many details to be worked out it's a bit overwhelming.

Belize: First time Belize visitor to determine where to live:

Hi all, I'm considering retiring in Belize, are there any tour companies to show me around versus landing at the airport & stumbling around on my one. What are my transportation options from the airport to Corozal besides a car rental. Are taxis reasonably priced. I have no desire to buy a car, so would be relying on public transportation to the grocery store & general shopping trips. Any tips for a newbie considering retirement in Belize? safety wise, from what I have read is to stay away from border areas as well as Belize City. Thanks, Tony

Belize: Relocation Tour:

I too am looking for a recommended tour location company, any suggestions?


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