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Portugal: Second Amendment:

Re: Drug Prices. The US pays more per person than the rest of the industrialized world. It has NOTHING to do with the size of the country. EU countries regulate prices, the US does not. Source: D. O. Sarnak, D. Squires, G. Kuzmak, and S. Bishop, Paying for Prescription Drugs Around the World: Why Is the U.S. an Outlier? The Commonwealth Fund, October 2017.

Portugal: Newbie questions on an expected move in 2 years:

Hello. I purchased an off plan condo in Lisbon....under construction with same terms. I guess this is standard. Erik

Portugal: First visit in March:

Our attorney Adriana Spanholi is great. +351 915 286 027. She helped us with Golden Visa and house purchase so far. Please use my name Erik Sprotte.

Portugal: Success contacting

My experience is that it took about 2 weeks to get a response to my first email. Maybe they are overloaded!

Portugal: Business Attorney in Lisbon:

If anyone has experience with a good general business attorney ( would prefer small firm) please let me know. I plan to create a organic food company in PT and need an attorney in Lisbon.

Portugal: visiting october:

A few restaurant recommendations: Graca 44 in Lisbon, the owner hung out with us all night and drank wine. The market Campo de Ourique (our neighbourhood). Camefeu in Porto, make sure you book, just a few tables in a little house. Having a glass of Port at Croft--it is a nice walk up the back streets.

Portugal: Expat Website:

Inter Nations, or Meetup groups

Portugal: Housing Requirement for Golden Visa:

I did exactly what you described. Went on typical 90 day tourist visa, last March, found a home (made the deposit). Went back a second time in July to apply for GV. I will go back next summer when the home is finished construction and it will be my "proof of accommodation" Hopefully the GV will have been approved or I will only be able to stay 90 days. As long as you don't stay more than 90 days you are fine (I think),

Portugal: Golden Visa holders permitted to start Portugal-based businesses?:

Hello, I am in same boat, (just applied for our GV and planning to move next summer). According to my attorney at Edge, I am not restricted from doing anything any other resident would be able to do. If anyone has received different input I would like to know!

Portugal: Short-term rental, September 15-November 15:

AirBnB. Income tax paid on long term rental income is much higher than short-term that is why there are hundreds of AirBnB places and very few long term rentals around.

Portugal: Lisbon, please:

Less than 250K euros?? I think not--that area is one of the more expensive parts of Lisbon. You will need to move away from the center-- Benefica for example. You can find places within one hour of Lisbon. Look at Caldas de Rainha.

Portugal: Golden Visa:

I am going through this process myself. The minimum investment is 500K. Erik

Portugal: Real Estate Investment Lisbon:

If anyone is interested in investing in an off plan project in Lapa district please let me know. This is a two year investment-- purchase run-down building, rehab into 6 luxury condos and sell for substantial profit. Send response to me at

Portugal: Responsive Attorney:

My Lisbon attorney is very responsive, we use WhatsApp Adriana Spanholi aspanholi@edge-il. We are using her for a home purchase and Golden Visa in Lisbon. They have an office in the Algarve. Please use my name, Erik Sprotte, if you contact her.

Portugal: opening a bank account:

I also opened an account at Santander without a visa but it did take a month! Lots of financial statements having to be provided. Erik

Portugal: Immigration Agent:

I am using the Edge law firm in Lisbon and can give you my contact. They have been great helping with the purchase of home and Golden Visa prep. Erik

Portugal: Can real estate be financed ?:

I am getting a mortgage through Santander Totto on a condo I bought in Lisbon. Not aware of any US banks--at least I didn't see any. Erik

Portugal: Selecting a bank & transferring money:

Hello, I set up a bank account in Lisbon with Santander. Frankly, they would not be my first choice again. I used TransferWise---great system.

Portugal: Cascais vs Lagos:

I recently stayed a Quinta Bonita near Lagos. Heaven.My wife and I could have stayed for a month. I know the owner if you are interested. Erik

Portugal: Tax ID Number? lawyer vs solicitor vs agent:

I met with an attorney at Edge in Lisbon and had my Fiscal number within 24 hours. They literally sent someone to stand in line at the Tax office while I was meeting with them! Send me an email if you want the contact.

Portugal: Los Angeles to Portugal:

Greetings from San Clemente CA. My wife and I just returned from 2 weeks in Portugal and although we didn't plan on this happening on our first trip, we put a reservation to purchase a new condo in Lisbon! I believe we share many interests and values and would be happy to share our process and the wonderful people we met who helped us make this decision. Erik 949.689.6035

Portugal: Recommendations for books to learn Portuguese?:

Hello, I have another recommendation. For the last several months I have been taking Portuguese classes (we use Skype). My teacher Sandra, now lives in Pittsburgh, has lived in Brazil and Portugal and is beyond wonderful. Her rates are outrageously fair. Here is her email:

Portugal: Civility:

NO it is not too much to ask! thanks for bringing it up. I too was finding this site really useful until last week. My first trip to Portugal is in March--excited to see what all the buzz is about! Erik

Portugal: Medical Coverage in Caldas da Rainha:

Hello, my wife and I are in Portugal at the moment looking at homes. Our real estate consultants live in C da R -- they are Portuguese, bi-lingual and fantastic people. We are looking at buying in Lisbon or maybe Cascais. Please email if you need any help. Mention Erik Sprotte referred you.

Portugal: Expat communities in the Algarve:

I was in the Algarve a few weeks ago and highly recommend the Quita Bonita boutique hotel near Lagos. Lovely Aussie/Scottish couple that run it and know lots about the area. We met lots of fun Brits every night at restaurants in town. Erik


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