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Canada: College Student Wanting to Move:

Canada is a wonderful place. Go to the Canada immigration website, I believe they have lists of 'in demand' jobs there. Plus you can go to job search sites like INDEED Canada, etc to see what is up there. Craigslist is a good source for jobs and everything else too. I visited Toronto last Sept and loved it too. Afraid of the horrible winters though. Vancouver is a lot warmer all year round. The east coast is beautiful off season but must be HORRIBLE in the winter. The other problem I see with Canada's big cities is that there is NO way you can afford to buy your own place. A house near Toronto begins at over a MILLION USD. Vancouver is worse. BIG negative. IF you think you can end up earning a couple thousand dollars per year, you might be ok. One other option is to live in Point Roberts WA. That is a small piece of land attached to Vancouver. You have to go through Canada to get there or take a long boat ride from the Washington coast. Houses there are more seasonal and not so expensive. Problem is that you still can't work in Vancouver unless you become a Canadian, but you can't do that unless you LIVE in Canada, catch 22. Find yourself a nice Canadian girl and get in that way. Vancouver has a bunch of Latinos living there ; Brasilians, etc. Good luck

Brazil: Spreading Brazilian Pride in the US:

See if you have a local Spiritist group, will be full of Brasilians

Canada: professional movers toronto:

Look on Craigslist but an even better source is to go to the Uhaul website as they have lists of people who can load and unload your stuff on each end for you. Believe you have to go into truck rental first.

Brazil: Looking to crew on a sailboat:

In the US many people can afford sailing and sailboats. In Brasil ONLY the very rich own them. The very same boat in the US can cost $5000, in Brasil the same boat will cost you $25,000. They are mostly found in private yacht clubs. You didn't say what area you plan to visit but the RIO has a big one, there are some in Florianopolis SC, Porto Alegre RS, and up the coast. Speaking Portuguese will help a lot but these days most upper class speak English.

Portugal: Questions re: rentals:

Renting- if furnished YES, if not furnished may be missing some things like refrig, stove. Go to OLX.COM to see rentals. If BUYING, same applies.

Portugal: Share House Websites or Contacts:

Get a look at OLX.PT -- Has rentals, buy sell for just about everything; real estate, cars, household. Kind of like craigslist but better.

Portugal: What is this 100% apto financing ?:

I am seeing 100% financing on some listings for real estate. What is that all about ? Is it privately owned units being financed by sellers or is it something the banks are doing ? OR are they repossessed units being sold by the mortgage holder ? OR ?? What is the yearly interest rate for real estate through banks etc there ? Usual downpayment ?

Portugal: Proof of Accommodations with a campsite contract:

How about a PO BOX ? OR just use a friends address ? I did that in Brasil to get my CPF

Canada: Hoping to relocate from USA to CAnada:

Look into you being a Brit entering Canada easier, then sponsor your husband. NOT sure if that will work

Portugal: Any Brasilian school teachers in PT ?:

My wife has a BA degree to teach history from a first class Catholic College in Brasil. She has taught Alphabetazdo for the govt in the past. Does PT recognize her degree from Brasil ? What process does she need to do to teach there ? We are looking into moving to PT. What do teaching jobs there look like ? Does it pay and what is the demand for teachers now ? She does not want to teach very young kids, maybe elementary or high school or higher.


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