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Canada: Hoping to relocate from USA to CAnada:

Look into you being a Brit entering Canada easier, then sponsor your husband. NOT sure if that will work

Portugal: Any Brasilian school teachers in PT ?:

My wife has a BA degree to teach history from a first class Catholic College in Brasil. She has taught Alphabetazdo for the govt in the past. Does PT recognize her degree from Brasil ? What process does she need to do to teach there ? We are looking into moving to PT. What do teaching jobs there look like ? Does it pay and what is the demand for teachers now ? She does not want to teach very young kids, maybe elementary or high school or higher.

Brazil: Jobs in Brazil:

BEEN DEAD for over 3 years, closed down shipyards, laid off thousands because of the Petrobras scandal. Current govt is trying to or has sold off their reserves to foreign govts.

Brazil: Retire Brazil??:

I've been to most of those places too and lived in Brasil for 8 years from 2001. Back then Brasil was wonderful. Today Brasil sucks; crime continues, many people are unemployed, buses are being stopped and robbed often, you can't wear anything nice for fear of having it taken from you violently. I would not go back there till the politican climate settles down and the economy picks up. AND you will get tired of making that 10-20 hour flight from the states and paying $1200-1500 each time. MY RECOMMENDATION - DR is ok but also dangerous. Columbia has come a long way and is very popular and safe now. Microsoft and other big US companies have moved there. Costa Rica is pretty safe, you have to like the country because that is mostly what CR is, a big forest. Another pretty safe place that has all of what you like is PANAMA. Lots of expats there, pretty women, cheap SHORT flights from California, reasonable real estate. Don't under estimate the easy short trip, it makes a big difference. Have you considered Mexico ? I have never been there but I am sure there are plenty of safe and very nice areas, just search out where expats are. How about Europe ? Portugal is the cheapest country in the EU right now. It's unbelievably beautiful like Italy or Greece. Outside of Lisbon there are plenty of Americans and real estate is cheaper so are rents. Weather is moderate, not freezing or baking. Check facebook group "Americans living in Portugal". IF YOU want useful info on various countries (BR, Portugal); real estate, rentals, cars etc - go to You mention Asia. I spent a lot of time over there, lots of fun. I found their culture too different from mine for anything serious. Are you ok with your wife frying up some scorpions for dinner and worshipping BUDDA ? Of all the places over there - JAPAN is #1 for me. ZERO crime, honorable people, very pretty and sensual women. Japan is spotlessly clean. Look on this website, Escape Artist, etc. Expats who go to Brasil typically run out of there in 1 to 3 years max. Just too much downside. NOT worth it. They tried like hell to clean it up for the Olympics but it didn't work. Brasil has such potential if they could fix the poverty, lack of jobs for the poor, corruption, etc to become 2nd world. NOT going to happen any time soon.

Portugal: Moving with nothing?:

IF moving to a new and exciting place I can NEVER understand why anyone would want to bring their OLD history with them ? It's all about NEW plus I find it exciting to look for new things designed in the new place, lot of time it's much better than the old BORING stuff you had back home. Look at the sexy furniture and clothes you can buy in Rio de Janeiro ! Makes your stuff back in the US UGLY AND BORING. NOT TO MENTION shipping large things overseas costs more than the items are worth ! You are starting a new identity.

Brazil: Expats in Natal area:

Try Praia do Pipa or Joao Pessoa

Brazil: Living in Brazil overstaying your tourist visa:

DOUBTFUL, the Federal Police will CHARGE you a fee when you leave and won't let you back in for years. IF they catch you overstaying a long period of time, they can put you in jail but will probably deport you right then with NO chance of getting back in. The Federal Police does NOT play games.

Canada: Moving to Alberta:

Your company in Canada should know how to handle this. Assume neither of you are Canadians ? First step is to have your company get you a work visa, might not be as easy as you think.

Portugal: Can real estate be financed ?:

Finding some nice deals on apartments in Portugal. Am US and Canadian citizen, can I find a bank over there or do some home banks finance real estate over there ? Maybe Citibank, Bank of America ??

Canada: Salary Expectations in Canada:

Try looking in Canadian INDEED.COM website, craigslist has a lot of jobs listed too. Lots of contract companies up there too like Adecco, Aerotek, etc. Friend of mine is in IT in Alberta, lots of jobs taken by foreigners, IT- you know from where


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