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Bermuda: Salary Requirements:

Because this has been a popular topic and I FINALLY got some answers today, I wanted to share this bit of information. According to the immigration paperwork provided by my employer, you are not even be allowed to work in Bermuda for less than: 60K if you are a single person or couple 100K if you are a family of 3 125K if you have 4+ people This would have been useful information to me (and my family of four) BEFORE I committed to a salary of 100K. Now we can't even move if we wanted to, and I have already quit my current job to pursue this opportunity in Bermuda. Wish I'd known, and I hope this helps others.

Bermuda: Airbnb Sublet?:

We are moving to Bermuda in July and will be renting a place. Does anybody know if tenants are typically allowed to sublet a room to Airbnb? It would help to know that was a possibility if money gets tight. Thanks!

Bermuda: keep US internet job?:

If I'm a spouse of the work permit holder, can I work from home on the internet (for a US based company) in Bermuda? It seems you cannot get a permit issued to a non-Bermudian company, but it doesn't make sense that I couldn't work from home (I do online software tech support). Is there any way around this? This is a great opportunity for my wife's career, but we cannot live there without my salary helping out...


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