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Belize: FedEx Shipments:

I checked with fed-ex website and it accepted info to ship to Belize. Not sure who you are talking to, but fed ex says they deliver there.

Belize: Travel from Belize to U.S.:

Is a Visa required for a Belizean citizen to travel from Belize to the U.S. for a pleasure trip of less than 30 days? Or is a passport sufficient?

Belize: Canadian considering retirement in Belize:

We are not Canadian, but have travelled and stayed in a few areas of Belize - both "resorts"and with Mayan families. What kind of lifestyle do you want? That determines where you will live to a large degree and how much you will spend.

Belize: Drive through Mexico experience:

Who do you use for auto insurance when crossing borders? Is it separate or just special coverage with your U.S. carrier?

Belize: Homeschooling:

Is your country of origin the United States?

Belize: Cost of living:

I have visited and done research on Belize and I was wanting to get some general opinions. Assuming the following: (1) an after tax income of $1400 US per month and a very moderate lifestyle. (2) renting a small two or three room home with no need for tv connection but limited internet. No need for A/C (3) no need to live on a caye or the beach. Do you think a couple could reasonably get by on that?

Belize: Home Schooling:

If you originate from the U.S. there is a great alternative.


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