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Belize: Moving to Belize from Louisiana:

What kind of lifestyle are you looking for? Rustic? Close to American level? Caye? Mainland?

Belize: Mail forwarding:

We regulary send items via USPS and have never had anything lost or returned. Will you have some reliable to route your mail to you? That would be an option. Or your retirement funds may mail out of country; most don't do this, since the bulk of info can be handled online.

Belize: FedEx Shipments:

I checked with fed-ex website and it accepted info to ship to Belize. Not sure who you are talking to, but fed ex says they deliver there.

Belize: Travel from Belize to U.S.:

Is a Visa required for a Belizean citizen to travel from Belize to the U.S. for a pleasure trip of less than 30 days? Or is a passport sufficient?

Belize: Canadian considering retirement in Belize:

We are not Canadian, but have travelled and stayed in a few areas of Belize - both "resorts"and with Mayan families. What kind of lifestyle do you want? That determines where you will live to a large degree and how much you will spend.

Belize: Drive through Mexico experience:

Who do you use for auto insurance when crossing borders? Is it separate or just special coverage with your U.S. carrier?

Belize: Homeschooling:

Is your country of origin the United States?

Belize: Cost of living:

I have visited and done research on Belize and I was wanting to get some general opinions. Assuming the following: (1) an after tax income of $1400 US per month and a very moderate lifestyle. (2) renting a small two or three room home with no need for tv connection but limited internet. No need for A/C (3) no need to live on a caye or the beach. Do you think a couple could reasonably get by on that?

Belize: Home Schooling:

If you originate from the U.S. there is a great alternative.


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