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Bulgaria: Heating and hot water:

Hi all, I'm looking for advice on heating via a stove with a back burner, connected to the radiators and also the hot water cylinder. I am a plumber here in the Uk and fully understand the heating concept via solid fuel, however, there are a few grey areas as Europe like to do things differently than our British plumbing traditions. 1. The heating system is sealed in Bulgaria, as opposed to our header tanks in our lofts (a must with solid fuel). What are your experiences with this, pressure relief valves, keeping an ideal temperature without running showers etc to draw off excess heat that's accumulated and also heat sink radiators? Any advice on the pros / cons & any recommendations for a new build would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, David

Bulgaria: Building Materials Feedback:

Hi All, After purchasing land with my Girlfriend, we are due to meet architects in March 17, with a view to build a 3 bedroom property 25 mins south of Sofia (Pernik District). I was wondering if anyone has experience with the use of the preferred building materials in Bulgaria. After speaking with locals we are getting mixed reviews. If anyone has any feedback on the following we'd be most grateful. Wienerberger Porotherm (or similar)- All of the Locals I have spoken to are in high praise of these clay cavity blocks , used in single skin form, as opposed to the double skin brick and block we use in the UK. My main interest is around the U Value of the blocks. External rendering- Any feedback on products/brands used would be great. TIling (or felt tiling) Many new builds within Bulgaria, particularly Sofia from my experience have felt tiles. How do these weather compared to your tradition clay tile? Happy New Year all, thanks for your help! David


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