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Panama: Traffic Laws In Panama?:

Regarding the "transito laws" they follow the third reich! You will be towed/ticketed for the slightest reason, and they are aggressive because they can be. I could tell you stories but of the libel laws I won't, as that law doesn't work either.

Panama: Importing Vehicle to Panama-Driver License concern:

You can fly in less than 30 days out. I have personally done this twice. The last time 3 wks ago. I don't know why people keep repeating the total BS 30 day requirement. It only applies to land crossings.

Mexico: Visa Temporal to Permanente:

I need clarification, bank statements of Mexican Bank or US bank? Does it have to be in Spanish? I can go the bank balance or pension route I think, but need to know what is minimum pension monthly deposits.

Panama: Pickleball:

It is being played in Volcan and Boquete, but don't know about the last few months though.

Panama: Retirement VIsa:

You can fly in less than 30 days out. Just did it yesterday. 30 days out is for land crossing reentry only for Paso Canoas and probably others.

Panama: Am I wasting my time?:

Talking to someone at Social Security is a bad idea, per one of the top rated financial advisers in the US (Ric Edelman). SS is short staffed and undertrained. Better to visit or buy a related book on Amazon. Generally divorced spouses must wait until 62 to receive on spouses earnings. Then you only get half (depending).

Colombia: Pollution in Medellin....Never!!!!!:

I was in Medellin last March. Two red pollution alerts (that I know of) during that time. I saw air pollution almost all the way to the Rio Negro airport. Also learned that street crime was up 3x from a few years ago (from a Spanish news source). Remarkable city though in other ways.

Panama: Rent a Scooter of Motorcycle:

Be aware that unless you have Panama legal residency you only have 90 days valid on your foreign drivers license. In Chiriqui province that are aggressively impounding these violators to the tune of $500 or so to get your vehicle back.

Mexico: Queretaro Good or Bad?:

Queretaro along with Monterrey are the high tech centers in Mexico, with Queretaro being signifantly safer (at least according to Anybody spent time there?

Panama: Golf Cart:

Don't drive one on the streets of Boquete. They will tow u in a heartbeat, to the tune of $500. Don't know if you can get one plated to make it legal, with insurance, etc. Then OK to use on the streets. Don't really see them though.

Panama: Immigrating to Panama:

Confirmation bias is rampant with comments like Boquete is great (an opinion). I and many other expats with 10 yrs here or so don't agree. Panama is one of the few places that requires attorneys to get residency. Mexico or Colombia not needed and finding a good atty is a very dicey proposition. Also the requirements are stricter or more expensive in Panama. Panama has multiples of homicide and highway fatality rates as the US. Everything I just posted is fact and not opinion. You can msg me if you want.

Panama: Visa Problems:

Older women are hooking up with way younger men now for many the same reasons. I wouldn't be judgmental about men doing this. I would be judgmental about not using common sense.

Panama: African-American Expats:

If you are a foreigner you can be singles out for "special" treatment. See:

Panama: African-Americans living in Panama:

Incorrecto! Urban myth. The uniforms were blue at the time. Google is your friend.


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