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Belize: newbie doing research:

lots of questions there, and you are going to get lots of points of view. I have some time so I will give our point of view; We bought a house in Corozal that we snowbird at now, and plan to retire at in about 5 years. We did the same thing and researched lots of areas before we settled on Corozal Town. Some of the points for us were; - we can drive directly there from the airport and do not need to take a ferry ( probably less time to get to one of the cayes by ferry..but for some reason I don't like the idea of having to rely on it to get to where I'm going) - more recently we have been taking a hopper flight from the international airport to Corozal to save us the 2 hour drive. For the return trip we always take a local cap company (VIP transport) back to the airport to make sure we don't miss the flight - we enjoy the town that is laid back and quiet - we shop at the two farmers markets that keep us eating healthy (always get back to Canada feeling re-newed). Plus our property has a bit of an orchard that produces year long - last year a "shopping mall" opened up that you can get the harder to find things at. Of course if you are doing larger projects Mexico is only a 20 minute drive. For what we do we; have never had the need to go to Mexico for anything. - first couple years we never ate at the various small food stands and vendors (worried about getting sick) last couple years we have tried them all out. These smaller restaurants are geared to the locals; if you wanted to eat out every meal it would be cheaper than $15 a day to be overeating. Better restaurants you can expect to pay similar costs to eating out at home. - we are in the middle when it comes to sociability; Corazal fits the bill perfect for us. Not many tourists. But lots of expats looking to socialize. We have also made lots of friends with locals who are very friendly. - there are community groups in town town like Rotary,Masons, and other charity groups. Does not interest me much now, but later it might. - We bought a house on the water. The water is shallow for about 50 yards and then gets deep. It is perfect for us because we have two young kids who can play all day in the water with out the risk of immediate deep water. I believe most of the bay is about the same. We have friends just north in the Serenity sands area. They have really nice private sand beaches, but same thing the water is very gradual until it gets to depth; which may or may not be desirable depending on what you want. We have a beach in our back yard and then a seawall before the water. There is no public beach or anything like that in Corozal. Along the water front there is a sea wall with public parks. -compared to other areas we have visited in Belize there seems to be less bugs in Corozal. We were just in Caye Caulker and the sand fleas were pretty aggressive. In Corozal I have not noticed them much. Also because we are on the water in Corozal we have not noticed mosquitoes very bad either. It was a concern for us because of Zika and our two young daughters. Definitely when you get out of town at dusk the mosquitoes are thick. - seems like there is much less precipitation in Corozal which might explain less bugs. Also a bonus not to have none stop rainfall. -We we usually walk the ten minutes to Corozal Town centre from our house every day. We find it perfectly safe. We get our groceries, eat out, and walk home again. It is almost impossible to walk the streets in San Pedro with two young kids(who don't understand traffic) no side walks and a steady stream of gulf carts. - one of the biggest bonuses for Corozal is the real estate prices. We bought what would have been over 2 million on any of the cayes for a tiny fraction of that. Since we bought it has also been economically encouraging to see other nice house go up around us. (we are not in Belize to pump it or speculate or make money.. however it is nice to see your property value going up) Now some not as nice stuff; - there is definitely as everyone says a culture of theft. We take all the common sense precautions to protect ourselves. I don't know if we are being over careful, but we do not hang out or travel at night. I think we would do this in any Central American country or Mexico. We have neighbours that do not worry about this. For us we just feel better avoiding all risks. - I think this applies to all Central America; if you are there for anything that requires a rush you are out of luck. - we wanted to open a bank account. It was not worth the hassle to do it. - roads are rough but does not bother us because we do not need to commute to work. ...anyhow lots more on both sides. Hope it helps a bit. We have never been down to Placencia and plan on visiting soon. Will have an opinion on that as well.Todd

Belize: Cowork Space in Belize:

agreed on internet. I work online and have no problems in Corozal or on the casyes when I visit. It is fast and cheap (less than what I pay in Canada, but Canada is pretty expensive for internet.).

Belize: Moving to Belize:

...our place is in Corozal town. It is super laid back and quiet with plenty of expats/retirees to socialize with (if you want). The islands ambergris and cay caulker are totally not our style. It is a steady stream of tourists, I can not speak to any other areas as I have not stayed long enough to comment.

Belize: Any Asian Grocery Store?:

I'm not sure the name of the store but it is across the street from the Scotiabank in Corozal. It is a small convenience store but has about two isles of asian stuff ( a lot that you can not identify, like different kinds of seaweed, dried mushrooms etc). All the groceries are run by asians and many of the stores have what you are looking for. For fresh seafood the market in town has a stall inside. They had barracuda last week as well. Just got back to Canada yesterday and did grocery shopping today. Already miss the farmers market in Corozal, and the fresh food. Nice to get food before it has been on a plane. Also there is a farmers market building in the Finca Solana area. Market days are I think Fridays and Mondays? Mennonites bring lots of stuff. Also the place to get your veggies. Lots of cilantro there too for your Thai. Everything is also very low priced. Between the two markets we are able to feed our family top notch produce for half of what it costs at home.Todd

Belize: Internet in Belize:

Allan I never responded to your opinion on the internet because I was not sure. But now I know. You are 100% wrong about internet in Belize. I am in Corozal, and the monthly bill for unlimited internet is $80belize. I work online so depend on good service. The internet here is fast enough that I can work and have a window open with a streaming movie. Since I have tenants (a four plex)they are also using the internet at the same time . I have encountered no issues. It is the same speed I am accustomed to in Canada. In Canada I have used both Rogers and Bell for service. If you stream movies in Canada it is ridiculously expensive. I have had many bills over $300 Canadian dollars. So Belize has good internet period.

Belize: Trip to Belize in April:

....agreed. Corozal is safe. Cost of living is a lot less than what we pay in Canada. Also, always on the forum there is the question about internet speed and cost. I did not comment before; but now I know for sure. It is the same speed as what we are accustomed to in Canada(no problem streaming movies etc) and it is less cost. We are here in Corozal right now. I am shocked at how much construction and improvements are going on since we were last here. There is work going on everywhere ... which is a good thing.

Belize: acquiring land title:

..we bought a house in Corozal Town and used Adolfo Land Services. He is a paralegal service. Cost us I think $500 as opposed to the over 10K a lawyer wanted. You can p.m if you want his email from me.

Belize: Canadian Advice ?:

Hi, We are from Ontario, and down in Corozal Town right now with our two daughters 5 and 7 years old. We bought a house here that we use to get away for in winter. Once our girls are out of school we will spend entire winters here. Corozal is great if you a looking for laid back and easy going. We are always here either January or February. For these months I can attest that the weather has been fantastic.

Belize: "Ethical Traveler" lists Belize as one of "The World’s Ten Best Ethical Destinations":

..I also read recently that Belize put a moratorium on Oil drilling. (maybe the same vote you are talking about?). That is huge news that Belize should be given credit for. Now if only a recycling program could be implemented. Small steps.

Belize: road safety in Belize:

...my god. We are from Toronto where there are sometimes a few pedestrians killed a day trying to cross an intersection. Roads in Belize are so full of pot holes that no one can even drive that fast. I have been in Corozal Town the last month with my 6 and 7 year olds plus my disabled wife. S0mehow we have manage to avoid getting hurt crossing the street (where cars are going like max 40KM).... We decided to go to Caye Caulker for the first time this year. There was more danger here of my kids getting hit by a bike or golf cart because of how busy it is; and also my kids are country bumpkins and don't know how to look both ways. As an adult I am lucky I know how to look both ways. I do it for them. Allan if you come back to Belize I can teach you how to look both ways the same time I am teaching my kids. (ha, ha, written while laughing)

Belize: Septic Pumping:

Hi, Does anyone know of a septic tank pumping service in Corozal Town? Thanks,

Belize: Moving to Belize from Louisiana:

hey,Im 38 in Corozall and bought on the water. Buying on the water on ac was too much.

Belize: Where to rent:

Hi, have a very nice house on the water in Corozal. I just sent you a PM. Todd

Belize: The 2018 IL Retirement Index:

that is also one of the reasons Mexico was a no go for me.

Belize: Construction / Concrete and House Plans:

Hi, We just bought a house last year that was recently built by a Canadian. He built it himself hiring local help. It is a beautiful large house. Email me at dancingbeehoney@gmail.com and I can put you in contact with him.Todd

Belize: Considering Move:

good post terrific... I own and run several businesses in Canada. I pay a huge amount of tax here at every level of government. It bugs me when customers try to go around paying tax. I ask them if they like free health care and the quality of service they receive being a resident of Canada. My property tax on my brand new big house in Belize is $28 a year. To me that is a shame. It's too bad that so many wealthy people are being crooks worrying about saving a few bucks. Pay the tax, improve life for everyone.

Belize: Belizian Realtors. Useless?:

We used Eleanor Williams with Century 21 in Corozal Town. It worked out fine; but definitely no one is in a rush.

Belize: more good news:

Good news for Western Canadians. West jet just added direct flights to Belize from Calgary. That will be nice for everyone who had to fly across to Toronto to get a connecting flight. Air Canada recently added direct flights from Toronto and West jet increased its direct flights out of Toronto to 3 days a week.

Belize: Canadian considering retirement in Belize:

..we bought a house in corozal town to live/long vacation in the winters. We go starting January and seem to be getting very lucky with great weather.

Belize: Legal Office Recommendation for Land Purchase closing:

..we bought a house in Corazal Town last year. We used Eleanor Williams as a real estate agent. We hired Rodriguez and sons to handle the title etc. He is not a lawyer but knows the ins and outs. I found out about him from recommendations from the local rotary club. Lawyers wanted ten times more than it would cost to close a deal in Canada. If your purchase is straight forward I would consider him. Todd

Belize: draft beer:

..canadian here who misses the taste of belikin right now.


just sent you a pm

Belize: Can i live in a safe place for a total of 1000 per month?:

….send me a private message and I will give you my email. I have a place on the water in Corozal for rent (very nice). todd

Belize: Crime:

….thanks for that. I'm a snowbird from Canada down in Corazal for winters It is too bad you had to write that post, but it is dead on. We are out out nights in Corozal all the time, no issues. It is a small town. I would not hang out nights in Belize same as I would not be in some areas of Toronto after too late.

Belize: Where to get shampoo etc.:

I agree. Allan has some good advice. The problem is the way he states it. It is always in a condescending/derogatory fashion towards Belize, without giving both sides.


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