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Bulgaria: Places to look for ... well, places?:

Hello Flyingcowman. Most people who respond do a private message response and then move over to direct email. I don't think its always slow - possibly server issues, weekend etc.. Anyway have been in Burgas region for about 9 years so might be able to help with some of your queries. Hear from u soon. Cheers.

Bulgaria: Mice!:

Yes, its a bit depressing, they make such a mess. We used the pellets (the pink ones) with a degree of success. As you were advised, put them in jar lids in well concealed spots on their 'runs'. Normally they stick to skirting boards but very likely have a nest somewhere. We have also made a passive trap based on a 2l coke bottle which successfully caught one troublesome little fellow - who we thereafter released by the bins in Dolna Ezerovo. Can't really blame them for coming in but would prefer them to use the outbuildings! The coke bottle trap design was on youtube so should be easy to find. Good luck with the rodent hunt.

Bulgaria: Dog Friendly Beaches, Burgas:

Does anyone know where the nearest dog friendly beaches are in the vicinity of Burgas? We have two pooches who would really love a paddle. My understanding is that the sea garden beaches are all 'non doggy' areas.

Bulgaria: Looking for a dog groomer in Burgas area:

Have asked the same question a few years back without success. Hoping someone may know of a groomer operating in the Burgas region. Much appreciated

Bulgaria: Sewing Machine Service:

Help. Am looking for someone who services sewing machines, preferably in Burgas. We have a PFAFF Hobby 1042 and an overlocker that could do with some TLC.


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