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Bermuda: Meeting other Expats:

Hello fellow expats :) I'm fairly new to Bermuda (only moved a few months ago from the US) and can understand how tough it may be to adjust to a new place, with a different culture and lifestyle, especially if you have questions or struggles along the way. Its always more fun when you get to meet other expats that are going through or have recently gone through the same. I don't think this ExpatExchange page organizes events, but I've discovered the following community (back when I was living in NY) that also has a Bermuda chapter. Their next event is coming up on February 23rd - hope to see you there and hear about your move to Bermuda! The more the merrier :)

Bermuda: Airbnb Sublet?:

My lease does not allow subletting without a written consent of the landlord. I expect you would find the same in most on the island.

Bermuda: Bring Bicycle to Bermuda:

It depends. If you are an advanced rider with a good bike suitable for hilly roads, you should have no problem finding groups that ride every week. There are at least a couple of those in Bermuda. One thing to keep in mind is that the roads are very narrow, and traffic gets busy during the day. Most people that ride do so very early in the morning, typically on the weekends. Riding alone, during normal hours can be a bit dangerous as there is not much room on the roads for bicycles and for other motorists to pass.

Bermuda: Safety on the Island:

I agree that the lack of street lights off the main roads can be a bit unsettling! But I've learned that most of the island is safe, even when its dark and a bit late, walking around is fine. If you work very late though, I'd suggest getting a scooter (or a car). Having your own means of transportation will give you an extra feeling of independence and safety, that goes a long way :) Hope you found a nice place by now!


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