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Belize: Owning a business and visas:

Just wondering if anyone knows about belize visas. We are Canadian, but wondering If we are owners of a business there in Hopkins do we still need visas to stay there? How does that work? We would be living there September to June, coming home for Christmas, and summers. But wondering how Visas work for is. We are a family of 4, my husband and I would be running our business there, and we have 2 children. Can anyone help me with this?

Belize: Hopkins:

Hello, My family and I are considering taking a job in Belize, Hopkins. Can anyone tell me anything about Hopkins? Is it safe? I have been reading, and researching a ton, and I'm finding a lot about crime in belize, and that it's very bad. But is that just certain areas? Or is hopkins one of the areas. I understand there is crime everywhere, can't really escape that, but I'm just trying to get some opinions. Also, has anyone moved there with younger kids? How did it work? How did you like it? We understand it's not America or Canada, and that's totally fine. We are just trying to get some ideas on the country, the areas, people etc. I shouldn't research on the internet as all I can find is why NOT to go, but then so many on this forum say such wonderful things about Belize. Just looking for some helpful advice. Please let me know if you can offer some advice. Thank you. I appreciate it very much.

Belize: contemplating of moving to Belize:

Can anyone help me? I'm wondering, how would it work for our family to move to Belize but travel to Canada 2x a year? So come and live in Belize for 6 months and then come home to Canada to visit family for about a month, and then come back to Belize. My husband will be working in Belize but we are trying to see how this would all work. Would we just apply for a tourist visa? And continue to do that? The job is about a 5 year project. Would it be smarter to apply for permanent residency? Or just apply for a Belize tourist visa? Can you apply for those visas here in Canada or do you need to be in Belize to do that? Is it hard to obtain a visa to live there for long periods of time? Sorry for all my questions just would love to connect with someone who has done this before and could help us. Thank you for your time.

Belize: Home Schooling:

Hello There. We are looking at relocating to Belize in the next few months for work for my husband. We are from Canada, and I currently homeschool my children. How easy is it to do this in Belize? Can anyone tell me if you have moved from a different country to Belize? How are you liking it? Any information would be so helpful for our family. Our children are 8 and 10.


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