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Mexico: Rivera Maya expats:

Hello everyone, I am considering retiring to Mexico in the next few years and am doing my research. The Rivera Maya area has me intrigued (yes, I know, hot and humid during the rainy season). I’ve done some online research, including the website (excellent info!) suggested by someone on this forum. I’m hoping that some expats in this area will be willing to give me some on-the-ground insight into what it’s like moving there and more importantly, living there year round. I will be visiting during the beginning of August, hoping to explore some of the towns between Cancun and Tulum by taking day trips from a base in Akumal. Are there any must-see towns I should not miss? (A day trip to Cozumel is on my list) My preferences right now are to NOT live in a big city, but be close enough for the amenities like arts, entertainment, and restaurants. I’m hoping to establish a dialog with you, if you would be kind enough to share your understanding of the area. I would also like to arrange to meet some expats up and down the coast, while I’m there. Can anyone advise me as to the best way to arrange such meetings? I apologize ahead of time for all the questions I may ask! I tend to be inquisitive. Thanks so much! Best Regards, Henry

Mexico: Etsy:

I'm not an expert but I would assume you can sell on ETSY from wherever you like, subject to local taxes of course. I would be interested in seeing your etsy site. Can you leave a URL?

Mexico: Moving to Mexico - where to start?:

I am considering moving to mexico for retirement. Only been there once ot PV. Considering one of the smaller towns on Yucatan peninsula. Question - where do I start my research? How can I get good info to make my decision? I've seen International Living, way to rosy to be believable. Would love to interact with real expats. Any suggestions?


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