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Belize: Belizian Realtors. How to become one?:

So, while still waiting for the latest two inquiries I've made to two different realtors (almost 3 weeks now) to let me know if the property was at least still available, I began pondering again a thought I've had a number of times over the last few years trying to deal with realtors. I have been in sales almost my entire life and have never NOT replied back to someone. So what would it take to become a realtor when I move to Belize? The information I've found is a little vague as to who to work for (myself, broker or ?) but more importantly what actual courses might be required. What license etc. Anyone having this information and willing to talk to me about it could PM me please and see where this goes. Thank You

Belize: Belizian Realtors. Useless?:

This is an open question regarding realtors in Belize. Specifically, Is it just me or do they just not bother answering people as a way of business? I can't count the times I've found an interesting property, used their online contact form and never even gotten a reply. At best it seems that after two emails, ( a first contact and then replying back asking another needed question) that's it, no more communication. Very frustrating. Surely this can't be the same with all realtors in Belize.

Belize: Leasehold or freehold advice needed:

Hi All I've been reading these forums for quite some time now as a non-member but needed to join to ask a question that I just can't seem to find an answer to. (and another question I'm unsure of the answer) I'm looking at buying a property through auction. I've already placed my tentative bid which was accepted. It still needs to go to auction and my bid could be beat but this is as I understand the first part of the process. I understand that I can have an agent place my bid for me BUT I need to physically be there in person to sign. That's question 1. Hate to fly down for the auction only to sign if my bid is beaten. Does anyone know if that is in fact true. My bigger question is, the property is listed as a LEASEhold property. (It's regular land and a house not in any development) My realtor says I can simply get the paperwork changed to FREEhold after buying it. I was told elsewhere that only a Belizian can do that. I'm a little nervous about that. Does anyone in the know have the answer? Thank you in advance


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