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Belize: Where to rent:

What is the best way to find a furnished rental for 2 or 3 mths, Feb to April in Corozal, would prefer 1 or 2 bedroom in safe area with access to a pool if possible,

Belize: New Year:

Just want to say Happy New Year to everyone here, hopefully 2018 will see me there

Belize: Paradise Farms Organics:

That sounds wonderful, I haven't tried a lot of those but looking forward to trying them when I visit Corozal in the new year.

Belize: Monthly rentals:

What is the best site to see monthly rentals in Corozal, anywhere from 1 month to 5 or 6 months.

Belize: Single woman wanting to talk to other single woman who live in Belize:

I would like to talk to some single women who are living in Belize to get some info on it from their view, if anyone would like to pm me my e mail is, I would love to talk to women who have moved there as I'm looking to spend 6 mths a year there when I retire in a few months, thank you

Belize: Missing Canadian:

I was just reading about the 52 year old lady and her boyfriend missing from Corozal, is this something that happens often or is it an isolated incident, irealy hope they are found safe but it doesn't. Seem likely from what I'm reading, , it is scary reading about this

Jamaica: Dog Wanted:

Hi contact Tammy Browne in Montego Bay, she has an animal rescue there with many dogs, you can find her on Facebook. I have visited her rescue and she has many awesome dogs

Belize: Solo living in Belize:

I'm also a single female looking at retiring within the year and Belize is the first place I'm going to look at to spend 6 mths a year, I'm hoping to spend a month there in Oct/Nov to see how I like it.

Belize: House sitting/petsitting:

Just wondering is there any need there for housesitters or pet sitters , would be a good way to see different areas on a budget plus supplying a service for people to ensure their homes and pets are taken care of when they have to leave for a period of time, just throwing it out there

Belize: A day in Corozal:

I know this is very broad but what would an expat do on a normal day in Corozal, just trying to get an idea what one would do to pass time there, also what about at night. Thanks for all the help I'm getting here

Belize: Where to get shampoo etc.:

If staying in Corozal for a month or longer where can you buy shampoo,conditioner, bug spray etc. Also what type of clothes would you. Take with you,

Belize: Beaches in Corozal:

I have read that there are no beaches in Corozal, does this mean that no where in Corozal is a sandy beach?

Belize: Health insurance:

Hi another question? What health insurance do Canadians get to spend more than 30 days in Belize ? My insurance only covers me for 30 days outside of Canada so I would need insurance to if I wanted to spend 5 or 6 mths there,

Belize: Thank you:

Just want to say thanks to everyone who replies to my posts, I'm finding this forum so helpful,

Belize: Phone service:

Just wondering if it is possible to buy a cheap phone and buy international minutes to put on it, I did this in Jamica and it was fairly cheap. Thank you all for answering all my questions as I have no idea about Belize

Belize: Phone services:

Do you know if it is possible to get a cheap phone there and buy international minutes, this is what I did in Jamicia and it was very cheap for minutes

Belize: Renting prices:

What is the average rent for a 1 bedroom,1 bathroom place in Belize, single woman so I would want a safe area

Belize: Where to fly into:

Was looking at spending time in Corozal to see if Belize is somewhere I would like to spend time in when I retire but when I try and put in flights leaving from Canada I can't find an airport to fly into, anyone know the best route to take. Thank you

Belize: single woman moving to belize:

I also plan to go in Nov to check it out, I'm also a single woman and my plan is if I like it to spend 5 or6 mths there when I retire at the end of 2017, we will have to get tog


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