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Chile: San Francisco to Chile:

Hi! I have a lot of neat stuff, especially kitchen things that I would love to take with me to Chile... but not worth it to get a full container. I'm wondering if anyone is relocating to Chile from the San Francisco Bay Area, or LA/San Diego. I'd love to share a shipping container! I'm flexible, this year or next year....

Chile: Tax on Foreign Rental Income:

Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has relocated to Chile and dealt with having US rental income being their primary source of income? I am actively involved in managing the properties, I have heard there is a 30% deduction for this. I'm wondering if normal cost of living (in Chile) deductions also apply to this income, Basically I'm considering and "early" retirement in Chile, supporting myself on the rental income but I'm seeing that it may be very steeply taxed, so trying to get more information. Also wondering if it makes a difference if I incorporate the properties. Thanks!!


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