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Mexico: Need Contact in Merida & Progreso:

Hello All......... My hubby and I will be moving to Merida or Progreso on October 25th and we are beyond excited, but we are planning on staying in a hotel until we find a home or apartment to rent. Can anyone recommend a realtor or rental agent who can take us around to look at places? We are planning on looking in Progreso too, so if anyone can help us, we would really appreciate it. We would definitely need someone who speaks English too. Thanks!! Karen

Mexico: Best INEXPENSIVE beach areas to live in Mexico:

Yes, that is correct that you have to have income of $1,300/month. My husband and I will be moving to PDC or Merida soon and we went to the Mexican Consulate a few weeks ago. My husband was given his Mexican visa bc he is retired and has a monthly income. I am only 52 and even though I have a large 401K, they would not take that into consideration, but they advised once we get to Mexico and go for my husband's Temporary Resident Card at that time I can get approved as being his spouse.......but we did have to send away for the Apostille in our state (showing that our marriage is legal). Good luck with your search!! We will be right behind you as soon as we sell our house!! Tuddiepat1

Mexico: Is There Affordable Hospitalization Coverage in Mexico??:

Hello All, I am sure this has been talked about time and time again on this forum, but I need guidance please!! My husband and I will be moving to Playa del Carmen or Merida (haven't quite decided yet) full-time in the next few months and are not so concerned with paying for doctor's visits, labs etc. But we are looking for affordable hospitalization insurance that will cover even for pre-existing conditions. Is this something that is attainable or are we just chasing something that is a dream? We have gotten a few estimates, but many of them will not cover pre-existing conditions. My husband has Medicare and if needed, we could get back to the US to use it, but we really would like to stay in MX and not have to travel back and forth. Any info. would be really appreciated. Thanks, Karen

Mexico: Moving to Playa Del Carmen....Need Help re: Shipping.:

Hi All....... My husband and I will be moving to the Riviera Maya area in the next few months and need to hear any info on shipping.......pros and cons. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs, so we are not flying in, but driving from SW FL....which will take a loooooooong time, but we are hoping to take it slow and enjoy our trip. The main thing that is giving us the most heartburn is looking into shippers. We do not have a ton of things as we live in a 2BR/2BA mobile home now, but we have a few special pieces of furniture and about 30 boxes. Would anyone recommend a shipper? At first we were hoping that we could rent an RV or U-haul van where we could pull our car, but I have not been able to find any that cross over the border. Anyone have ideas?? If so, we would love to hear them!! Any info would be appreciated. Karen U.

Belize: Fact Finding Mission:

Thanks so much for all your knowlege nuggets. I appreciate it!! Karen


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