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Bermuda: BDA Government owes you your SI contributions!:

I worked in Bermuda as an ex-pat in the 80's. The Bermuda Government web site says that I am entitled to get back what was deducted from my pay for Social Insurance now that I am 65. E-mailed them, no luck. Recently wrote to Karen Daniels the Director of SI, no reply. Anyone else have this problem? Here's the link to the government promise about the refund: Am I whistling in the wind here, or are there other ex-pats out there who also paid into the BDA Social Insurance scheme and are unaware that the Government made an undertaking to reimburse, but seems unwilling to live up to it? Let's talk.

Bermuda: Have to cut my own hair:

In Bermuda you have to cultivate a network of friends who operate in the black market where you can barter a haircut from a barber for something they need. Also, I would recommend getting to know Bermudians, they are extraordinarily generous people, but like a new cat getting to know an existing cat, you have to tread carefully and be diplomatic - don't start by complaining about prices!


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