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Portugal: Resdiency Visa from San Fran Consulate:

Has anyone used an address of an expat friend that now lives in Portugal to meet their address requirements for the San Francisco consulate? The apartment we had fell through and now we do not have an address and need to file by end of June, 2017. Please help! MariaandJim

Portugal: Responsive Attorney:

Need a referral to an attorney (probably in the Algarve) who (a) is responsive and (b) can help with rental agreement now and SEF later. So far, those we met with when recently in Lisbon have not been responsive...which is odd and frustrating. Thank you in advance.

Portugal: Visa Response Timeline?:

Just about to file it...our target is Oct 1 to PT

Portugal: Roth IRAs - How does Portuguese IRS view these?:

The tax lawyers at the Edge law firm in Lisbon would know the answer I am sure. I met with them...they are very knowledgeable...if a bit expensive.

Portugal: Private Health Ins over age 70:

Wondered what you did about this insurance? Am also 70 and have had very high quotes. Which is why we expect to get residency and use the national health system once we move there.


1. Once you have been in PT for 183, PT will tax you on your worldwide income...everything. 2. If you apply for Non Habitual Residency, for 10 years you will not be taxed in PT on SS, US interest and US dividends. All else will be taxed, including capital gains and distributions from 401(k)s (just like they would be taxed in the US). 3. You must also file a US tax return. If you have paid PT taxes, you will receive a credit to be applied against your US taxes, which most likely will wipe the US taxes out. So there cannot be double taxation due to the tax treaty between our countries. 4. Depending on your type of income, you have to do the math to see if it makes sense to live in PT. But only 7 countries in the world have the exemption for US SS...although PT's is only for 10 years. 5. I practiced international tax law for 40 years.

Portugal: Healthcare:

As I understand it, once you have a resident card you can use the public system. There is a cost, but not sure how much. Am coming to Lisboa in late May to investigate before actually moving. Private insurance can be expensive depending on age and medical history. Am 70...quotes are nuts so far.


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