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Portugal: Initial visa accommodation hurdle:

That is true for the SFO consulate for sure, but you should check with the right folks in Canada directly. And yes, it is "Cart before the horse." But what can you do? We visited and got our NIF while there and later found a long term let on line through a reputable agency, with them and lease both vetted by our PT attorney. We leave Sep 24....hopefully the place is as advertised!

Portugal: Housing Requirement for Golden Visa:

Your long term visa is not a Schengen visa, even though use the Schengen form. That visa is a 90 day tourist visa, which US citizens do not need (although we still can only stay 90 days without a long term visa). But to your point, you can't get a long term visa for planning to buy. You either have to lease or have bought. Most come on tourist visas to buy and then can apply for the long term visa under the Golden Visa rules.

Portugal: Banking:

Was shocked today to find out that if you move to Portugal, Schwab will close your account as they are not allowed to do business there. I chose them because they do not charge foreign transaction fees and refund all ATM fees. Yes, you could not tell them, but they say they monitor activity and seeing use of debit cards in the same country over time would cause them to close the account. So I stay with Chase and won't use their card unless necessary and instead use Transferwise to move money to my PT account and use that ATM card. Thus avoid those high foreign transaction fees. Transferwise is only 1% and they don't play with the exchange rate.

Portugal: NHS Status:

I assume you mean NHR. 2500 is a rip off. Getting the status is easy. One form and one declaration. Since in another language you will need help. But don't pay more than 120 to 200 Euros. NHR exempts your US SS and US based dividends and interest (and some other stuff that most people do not have) from PT taxation for 10 years. It's a great thing that makes PT very attractive for retirees.

Portugal: Cell phone:

You can, but you have to pay it off and request an unlock from Verizon so you can use new SIM card. That's what I did with ATT.

Portugal: Residence Visa Health Insurance Requirement Help (US citizen):

I found it through Under the list of providers you will see Berkshire Hathaway.

Portugal: Whew, just got our long term visa!:

And we will be in Budens (should be finalized this week!)

Portugal: Change in Visa Rules:

Major change....I got an email today from SFO consulate that states they are no longer processing long term visa applications that use a hotel or AirBnB reservation/receipt as proof of accommodation. They want proof of purchase or an actual lease. As a practical matter this is going to make it very difficult for people to apply. They have to find a property and get a lease that starts later and supply that lease to the consulate. Not easy.

Portugal: Visa help ! True or False ???:

No, the Schengen visa (which is the 90 day visa) cannot be extended. After 90 days you are an illegal immigrant and can be fined or deported...not all countries enforce this rule as hard as others, of course.

Portugal: Question re: rental via AirBnB:

How short a stay did they not like???


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