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Spain: Transporting more than 10,000 between EU countries:

I was told by a friend that I can not transport more cash , or the equivalent of 10,000 between EU countries. I know Canada and USA have that rule but thought travel in EU was unrestricted. Does anyone know the laws regarding transporting cash or securities between EU countries ? Thanks .

Spain: buying a bicycle in Barcelona:

I'm planning to spend time this winter in Barcelona, I'd like to buy a cheap bicycle to ride along the quiet streets and beach areas. All I'm looking for is a basic 10 speed or something around that . Here in Canada the big stores sell them for $125.00 ,about 90 euros. I looked on the internet and only saw super high end bikes for 2000 euros and up. .I only want the basic kind . Can someone give me an idea what a large multi departmental store might charge ? Do I need to have any license or permit to pedal a bike ? Thanks

Austria: armoured courier services in Europe:

Can some name a few courier services that specialize in the transportation of valubles ? We here have Brinks, and Loomis as two of the older ones.

Austria: Alcoholics AA ??:

I'm wondering if It is easy to find AA meetings to attend throughout Europe ? Especially Austria and Spain . I rather attend ones in English.

Austria: bank withdrawls ?:

I spoke to a banker today, I mentioned possibly buying a car , and he said The funds in Austria are wired , by swift transfer. They don't give you a money order or bank draft to the person you wish to pay . In North America that's all we do is write a check. Is this time consuming and /or expensive ? Seems kinda weird . Xcaret


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