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Belize: Relocating from NJ and searching for the perfect beach:

As a visitor / Travel Writer / Author, who has visited Belize for many years and moved here permanently, I would say hands down Placencia Area. If only for your children, because the schools offered in Placencia are the best in the country. Lots of Expats, and beaches best on the mainland. My opinion of course, and the one I have given thousands of readers. Good luck, come visit for yourself, then make your decision based on your discoveries and feelings.

Belize: Retired Military in Belize:

I live in Placencia, and there are quite a few ex- military ( US) on the Peninsula. There isn’t and “ group gettogethers). Sometimes it comes up in conversation. As with most of us combat vets, we rarely bring it up.

Belize: Having pharmaceutical drugs shipped to Belize:

I need a specific heart drug shipped to Belize that isn’t available here. Has anyone else shipped medications to Belize successfully ? And how did you have the package delivered to Belize.. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Belize: Trip to Belize in April:

You didn’t specify if you want to be near Caribbean Sea and water sports, fishing, boating, diving, snorkeling, swimming and great beaches, bars and restaurants. If you want to live in areas where you have the above, then you should stay on Ambergris Caye one week, and Placencia Peninsula one week. A week on the island will show allow you to experience some Island life, tourists, and the great things the island can offer. A week in either Placencia or nearby Hopkins allows you to experience the Peninsula, and make day trips inland. This will allow you to make an informed decision on where to stay on your next trip down. This is what we did over 6 years, and are now living on Placencia Peninsula. Good luck, have fun and enjoy your time here.

Belize: Ambergis Question:

Map reading 101 ??

Belize: Expat strangled in Placencia:

Those of us living here know that the press was notified, reported on and was on our local news channels. There’s a major investigation going in, and local and outside investigations going on. Way to much “ speculation and guessing” going on with this sad event, and it doesn’t need anymore. Let’s have some respect for family and friends.

Belize: Airfare Kinda Steep!:

I just flew RT Belize City to LAX for $640.00 Direct flight. Check American and United for flights. Just sayin. Direct flights only on weekends.

Belize: Living Expenses in Belize:

Your 2nd paragraph says it all. You need to come down for 2-3 weeks on vacation, rent a house ( VRBO) or like, and investigate yourselves. Shop at stores, cook own meals, visit schools, pharmacy, MD and med clinics, internet providers, etc. talk to actual Expats living here right now, and get the real skivy. You'll know pretty quick if it is right for you.

Belize: I am looking to start life over.:

To begin, I live on the Placencia Peninsula. I am retired, with enough income from that ( around $2500 US) to live comfortably on here in Belize. I know a handful of US Expats that own businesses and are able to make a living here, not a great one, that will make them rich, just pay bills. I also know people that couldn't make it in business and left, or selling to leave. Bottom line, come down on " vacation", visit different locations, and talk to those who actually live here today, not 10 years ago. Starting your life over again here? You better co e see for yourself if this is better than where and what you are leaving friend.

Belize: draft beer:

Moving from the Pacific Northwest to belize was a " hopless wake-up", coming from micro-brew nirvana to Biliken world. I totally agree that Biliken out of a bottle is pretty nasty, however you will find pubs/restaurants that have on tap as draft, and it's little better to swallow. I have found two things that are good about the beer situation here in Belize, I lost 30 lbs, and I discovered RUM.

Belize: Hello:

Ditch the " cruise", you won't experience anything about Belize. Instead, use those monies to rent a house for a couple weeks in both Placencia, and Ambergris Caye. Experience life here, shop and cook your meals. Travel from both locations and discover yourselves if you still think it's for you, and where exactly you want to live. Then when ready, rent for a year ( or 6) to learn what I've is really like in Belize. It's not all rainbows and unicorns, and not like a vacation destination by any means. Good luck

Belize: Building a Dock:

Have one quoted and to be built shortly. 4 ft wide about 100 ft long with covered 12x12 area at end. Cost in the $2o,ooo US range. Major cost in having posts put in. I went with wood instead of concrete, although I know concrete is popular out on islands. Hope this helps

Belize: BDF can expats join?:

No. Your military experience means nothing here. Finding employment is tough to " never happen GI". Your only possibility is getting a work permit, opening a business, which is tougher than curing toe fungus! Belize is mostly a retirement community, not a country with " golden opportunities" to make your fortune.

Belize: Dive Business:

Very doubtful you will find any " investors". Save yourself a bunch of money and heartbreak, and come down for a visit to San Pedro and or Placencia. Talk to dive shops ( struggling already), and they will tell you the same thing. Everyone needs dreams, and you are in good company. But working any job, or starting a business here, especially a " dive business", is just a dream . And, the advice, " plenty of dive shops for sale", is for real, for a reason.

Belize: Moving from Georgia to Caye Caulker in the fall of 2018:

Assuming you have already visited multiple times over past few years, for more than a few weeks, start looking for a long term rental, like a year. Living on a small island is not like renting a condo in a resort. Ask yourself, can I live " off grid"? If after renting for a year or more, and you are past the " honeymoon phase", then look at more permenant arrangements, or continue renting. Many Expats rent for years, or forever. Come to Belize with eyes wide open, and without rose colored glasses. I volunteer this advice as someone that lives here. I suggest you take advice from only Expats that live here. Many don't. Good luck.

Belize: Moving to Belize:

I recently went thru the process and live here full time. For physical/medical report and blood test in US from my MD, and official Police record/report from State Police, before coming down and applying. If that's easier ( and more accurate) I suggest doing that. Even after you do that, they run a report thru Interpole on you. As far as your other questions, I highly suggest that if you have not actually been to Belize, come down and vacation for a few weeks at very least, and split between popular Expat communities. If you ask about where the best communities are on this site, you will get lots of suggestions. I highly suggest you take them with a grain of salt, come down and experience for yourself. FYI, we explored belize for over 5 years before making any decisions on where we are living now, and are very happy. Good luck.

Belize: Financing???:

I suggest that you contact Atlantic International Bank here in Belize (google website). They do offer financing on new construction if you purchase the land, and jump thru " el mucho" hoops. Any questions, or more details, you can IM me.


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