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Lived in Italy in my early years for 10years, married to my gorgeous Italian husband, acquired a permanent resident plus I even speak the Italian quite fluently. We are now thinking of an earlier retirement and move back whilst we still can. Feeling nostalgic you might say but at the same time doing it all over again seems hard work this time. In my twenties I literally sold my car and a few possession, left my job and my rented apartment and flew miles away to my new life in Italy. Now, we have so much accumulation of "stuff" that I seriously will need to start having garage sales each week. Also, we have closed our bank accounts we had in Italy years ago, so would love some current advice in how to do this easier to get the most of our money to eventually buy a house. I know the interest rates is extremely low over there but also they tax you on the money you will deposit I am told. If someone can clarify this that would be great and possibly a reassurance that we are not going crazy and retirement years in Italy is going to be amazing.


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