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Ireland: Moving to Dublin -- what banks have you been satisfied with?:

Hi There! I have just moved to Dublin (yesterday!) and worked with Bank of Ireland before I moved to set up an account using my US address. This is a pilot program they have to help future movers be prepared in advance. They've been incredible to work with! As for the fees, this was the worst part of overall banking for me in Ireland. There are no free accounts, but there are exceptions like a minimum balance that can waive many of them. I'd suggest comparing using this site: Lastly, I would suggest using a foreign exchange site to transfer funds via ACH payment. It clears your transfer within 3-5 days (much faster than anything else) and your limit is MUCH higher than an ATM withdrawl (I used the ATM method you described when I lived in Spain for a was arduous.) The site I use for money transfer is HiFX. it's amazing. Let me know if you have any questions!

Ireland: Pet transport company:

Hello! I am moving to Dublin in November (from Seattle) and will be bringing my weimaraner dog with me. Ireland requires a pet transport company to be the facilitators of dogs entering the country. I am having a very hard time finding a company that has any measure of positive customer service. Has anybody done this recently? If so, with which company and would you recommend them? Thank you!

Ireland: Which Visa? Intra-company or Critical Skills:

I will be transferring to Dublin in October/November of this year and want to get some advice on what might be a better permit to have - Critical Skills (where I'd be an Ireland employee) or an Intra-company transfer (where I'd remain a US employee and be paid from the US.) I'm mostly interested in challenges that relate to taxation, health care, and general finances. Thank you!!


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