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Hi everyone, British women married and living in USA with American husband. After searching and searching in the USA (we live in Virginia) and never settling, it occurred to us that a great compromise would be to move to Canada, he's from Michigan and I'm from England !!!!!!!! After a lot of research it is apparent that it is not easy, but we are prepared to do what ever it takes because we really believe this is where we see our future. My husband is 62 he is a Master Ford Automotive Tech/Mechanic and feels he has a good few years left in him as he loves what he does and he is quite fit and healthy. It seems he would be able to apply via Express Entry as a Skilled Trades person, Level B. However, he would need a firm job offer and the employer would need to get a LMIA...A Labour Market Impact Assessment before he can even apply for a work permit. Does ANYONE know anything that might help us....we just need a bit of a confidence booster at the moment because it does not look promising, I was sooooooo excited a week ago and now I feel like I have had all the stuffing knocked out of me. Thanks everyone


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