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Mexico: Temporary Visa difficulties.:

Anyone else have issues getting their employer's certificate of business tax license? Or any other seemingly unreasonable hurrdles?

Mexico: Water heating (help):

Anybody know how to get the LP gas set up? I've been told different things. Are the gents who deliver the cylinders allowed to take them to the second floor? Do i need to buy an empty tank?

Mexico: How much am I expected to tip?:

Anyone know what is an acceptable amount to tip? I dont want to seem cheap or unappreciative/exploitative, but.... i get the sense if the tip is too high it comes off as condecending or an attempt to show off. So... resurants, Costco, deliveries- what is an acceptable amount of money to tip?

Mexico: Hostility toward Americans?:

I really would like to read through the "effects of new administration on expats living in Mexico," but cant for some reason. I'm sensing a lot of hostility and i'm wondering if anybody else is.


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