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Mexico: Alone in Tijuana, Female...:

I’m so sorry to hear that. Perhaps a backpack would fit your lifestyle better. I keep all my cards (financial and identifying) in a wrist wallet that i wear.

Mexico: Visiting Mazatlan in hopes of moving there:

You’ll need more than 10 hours to make an informed decision. Way more.

Mexico: So... my neighbor goes through my garabage.:

Worst still, she admits it!!! While doing reseach, I came across something that said not to put the packaging of expensive items out on the curb, with the rest of your garbage, because it will attract the wrong attention. I head the advice. Despite this, I noticed that even though the trash bags themselves seem to remain tied, my dumpster kept getting dirty. Coffee grounds would be stuck to the walls of my dumpster, but the trash bags were tied. I’m anal retentive when it comes to my trash. I never buy off-brand trash bags because I HATE HATE HATE leaks and rips. Dirty dumpsters attract pest and smell bad. So I was livid when every week I’d find my dumpster needed to be cleaned. There is a couple in the building that harasses me. So I assumed it must be the women’s doing. I took a peice of paper and wrote “No! No! No!” on it. I put it in a sheet protector. I placed it on top of all the garbage within the trash bag. I tied the bag and placed it in my dumpster. Once her husband came home, they were bickering. They bickered all night. The next morning, she walked him out to his car and yelled one word (in spanish) three times. The next morning the pedestrian gate was slammed HARD and I could hear a male voice repeatedly saying “Yep” as he ran away. Next time I took the trash out, I left a second note that said “Get Help.” I have no perspective on this.

Mexico: Dealing with the police.:

Once upon a time, i took the time to read up on dealing with cops in the states. Things like ... -when they can versus cant enter your home -the difference between being detained versus arrested - its legal for law enforcement to lie - i can refuse to take a breathalyzer test I’m wondering if anyone knows a good source for information pertaining to these very things in Mexico. Perferably in English. I feel more at ease when armed with good information.

Mexico: Temporary Visa difficulties.:

Anyone else have issues getting their employer's certificate of business tax license? Or any other seemingly unreasonable hurrdles?

Mexico: Water heating (help):

Anybody know how to get the LP gas set up? I've been told different things. Are the gents who deliver the cylinders allowed to take them to the second floor? Do i need to buy an empty tank?

Mexico: How much am I expected to tip?:

Anyone know what is an acceptable amount to tip? I dont want to seem cheap or unappreciative/exploitative, but.... i get the sense if the tip is too high it comes off as condecending or an attempt to show off. So... resurants, Costco, deliveries- what is an acceptable amount of money to tip?

Mexico: Hostility toward Americans?:

I really would like to read through the "effects of new administration on expats living in Mexico," but cant for some reason. I'm sensing a lot of hostility and i'm wondering if anybody else is.


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