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Belize: What To Do???:

Thank you!!! I couldn't agree more. If there are negatives it can be said in a constructive way instead of so hateful. This back and forth between negative and bashing and name calling is not helpful to people that are really trying to learn about the area and is way out of hand.

Belize: A mixed bag...:

Good luck! Keep us all posted!

Belize: RUDE:

I signed on to this Forum a week ago because I am looking to open a business in Belize. I thought it would be helpful and nice to get to know some people first. Unfortunately, people are very ugly and disrespectful on this site. If you don't like Belize, why are you there? If you don't like it and are not there, why are you on this Forum? This world has turned so ugly that shouldn't we be here to help and encourage each other not be so mean?

Belize: I am looking to start life over.:

As people have stated, it is very difficult to find work in Belize. Unless a Belizean is not capable of doing the work they get hired over expats. The rate of pay is about $6/hour lower than the U.S. Good luck to you!

Belize: Earthbag Construction:

Good evening, I am looking at building an eco-friendly, sustainable resort. I came across earthbag construction. Is anyone familiar with this and if so, is this a viable method to use in Corozal? Does anyone know if any of the contractors there have built with this method previously? I would appreciate any help, advice, and/or contacts. Thanks, Brenda

Belize: Legal Office Recommendation for Land Purchase closing:

Hey Todd, were you happy using Eleanor? I have been communicating with her and found her to be very pleasant. However, I have also heard it is a good idea to side step realtors. Would you mind letting me know your thoughts? I am looking for land currently to start a business and want to make sure I get off on the right foot. Thanks, Brenda

Belize: draft beer:

Congratulations and good luck! It's nice to finally see a positive post.

Belize: Single woman wanting to talk to other single woman who live in Belize:

Hey Cathy, I do not live in Corozal as of yet but I am looking at land and hoping to start construction on a new business there before years end. I would love to keep in touch with you and know how you are doing. Brenda


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