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Belize: looking for a rental for july 2018:

hello all, California couple with one child . We need a place for july 2018 . deposit is not an issue. Please contact me if you have a rental you would rent for the month of july 2018. We are possibly looking to moving to Belize.

Belize: Wanting to find people to long term rental share:

small 3 person open minded family wanting to have 2nd home on ambergris caye . Looking to share a rental or share a home with the right people. Preferably another expat or business person. Open to a care taker situation or other. Please contact me if you have any interested.

Belize: First step:

honestly I don't think we will be in in the Cayes full time until my sons primary education is done. but by that time I want an established place to call home on the Cayes. We on an online resale company and are more than open to having some sort of company on the islands. Our best venture so far was just brining phones with us on a trip. We sold them before we could get to our hotel. I am looking to find a long term rental with someone who can care take and possibly go in a bit on rent considering we wont be there much. But if I find a place that is affordable and that can just sit without the need of a care taker I would be open to that also. We are used to all of our material objects, so we do not want to live barebones, but yet we want to find balance between that and what we have now. I hope this is making sense. I thank you so much for your message.

Belize: Hopkins:

very very well said 808 momma

Belize: Planning our move to Belize:

Hey.. My husband and I are in a similar situation. We own/run an online resale company. We are looking for a rental share or any information also about a move. We are from California. In our mid 30s. We have a 9 year old. which is the only reason I haven't moved there completely. It would be nice to know some people with similar goal and circumstances. We adore San Pedro the most of the cayes/belize.


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