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Mexico: Need Mexican driver to drive me and medium load from border to SMA in April:

I know someone that does this all the time. He has a pickup and 20 foot cargo trailer. He has a lot of experience and has no problems crossing the border. Send me a PM with your contact information.

Mexico: Driving down thru USA:

Just plan your evening stops so you are not on the road at night while in Mexico. I live in one of those tourist traps. US Dollars are taken at better than ATM exchange rates at local supermarkets and convenience stores like Oxxo. That is one of the great things about living in a "tourist trap".

Mexico: Cleanest cities in Mexico for air/water/sewage/trash?:

Ajijic, it is paradise

Mexico: Free Camping- Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatan, Q.R.:

I traveled around in a truck camper for about 10 years. Most of the time I stayed in secure campgrounds or at peoples homes. Xcalak and the Costa Maya is a great place to boondock.

Mexico: There is a way:

I know some people that have gotten work permits as independent contractors. 2 of them are "artists". One started a property management company Lakeside. In my area, there are many young expat families where people get up and go to work everyday. I don't know how but there is a way.

Mexico: how is rent usually paid?:

I have always paid cash. I have paid advance rent in cash too for discounts.

Mexico: What do you think of this lease?:

RV, I have rented many different homes in Mexico and have never received a factura. I don't know anyone who has either.

Mexico: Fitness Gyms:

Check the resorts around Akumal. Some of the AI's offer gym memberships to residents. You get pool and spa use too.

Mexico: Playa?:

Yes, I live here.

Mexico: Zipolite:

Not a recent visitor, about 5 year back. Not much there but a great beach and good surf. I hung out there in my RV for several weeks. I was there in the summer and we had the whole beach to ourselves. There are several small towns close by you should check, just look on google maps. With so many run down looking places rent couldn't be that high a couple of rows off the water.

Mexico: Would love to meet up with some Moms:

Not a mom but know several families raising children in the PDC area. PM me your info. I can pass it on to some of them. There are quite a few private schools in the area. Some families home school too This is a great area to live in. Modern, with most all the conveniences you want. Cancun INT airport is 2nd largest in Mexico with flight all over the world. Plus the economy is booming and people are working. Mayaland has its own unique culture,very different than the pacific side. If you are looking for a very SAFE (for you and your children) beach front community check out Paamul

Mexico: How hot... Pacific vs Atlantic??:

I have spent considerable time on both coasts in the summer. Caribbean side. The sand is cooler, even in the summer you can walk barefoot. It is crushed coral and white. Water temp in summer scuba diving is 84F at the high, winter is 78F at the low. We have underground rivers 72F, running into the ocean. Close in behind the reef can be warmer. Thats the best time to go to the cenotes. Pacific side: brown hot sand, In August the waters can become un-refreshing. Better waves and seafood to eat on the Pacific.

Mexico: Driving in Mexico and other Latin countries:

I think RV is right on butwas being a little soft with his response. If you are in a serious accident where someone is dead, run straight to the airport and fly anywhere out of the country as fast as you can.

Mexico: PV north and south:

If you desire to be away from everything, check out Chacala. There is nothing to do there but live (kind of like Xcalak). When I vacationed in that area of the coast, I like Rincon de Guayabitos and La Penita. Those towns are on a nice swimming beach. These towns remind me of Playa 25 years ago.

Mexico: Car -how long can it stay in Mex?:

a tourist you may bring a foreign plated car into Mexico for up to 6 months. You will get your permit at the border. Apply online here; https://www.banjercito.com.mx/registroVehiculos/ Certain areas of Mexico do not require the permit and people have kept their cars there for years. Where are you headed to?

Mexico: A visit to Ajijic Mexico 3/4 years ago.:

Lake Chapala is not immune to the killings and cartel activity.. Joco, Chapala, Ocotilan, La Barca , even Ajijic have had their killings over the years. Michoacan also borders the lake. Most of the time Expats keep their nose clean. If they get mixed up with the wrong people bad things can happen to them too. Read the local news for the local news, NOT the USA news sources.

Mexico: Manage Posts:


Mexico: coastal life:

Try the Yucatan Peninsula. You can find a 2 bed, 1bath house for rent at around 5000 pesos a month close to the water.

Mexico: Tijuana safety:

A Sentry pass is a most.

Mexico: RV Questions:

For current information and a place to ask questions try https://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/listings/forum/66.cfm Most of these people are in there RV's right now.

Mexico: Mercedes/BMW repair costs in Mexico:

People that own a BMW or Mercedes can afford to pay a competent, honest mechanic. In fact I believe they will flock to you. Buena Suerte

Mexico: Recent hangings in Cabo:

Stuff like that happens all the time.

Mexico: electronics and shipping:

You just order your item, pay the shipping and taxes, and have it delivered to your door.

Mexico: New US Tax Law:

"The new US tax law is immediately in effect and has had provisions that effect expats in the past. The contents of the new tax law should be explored by expats ASAP. " Katzgar, have you explored the new tax law for us expats? What should I worry about as an expat? Paying less tax a problem?

Mexico: residency in Tulum:

Yes. It will depend on your housing choice


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