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Ecuador Welcome Forum: Crime Ecuador:

I've been reading scary stuff about crime in Ecuador. A lot of it consists of warnings from the State Department. I have a wife and a toddler. Should I be worried, or is a lot of this propaganda? I'm considering a move there, and am currently trying to decide if it's worth (and safe) checking it out for a few months.

Chile: Water Temperatures and Rainfall Amounts in the NORTH:

Does anyone have information on water temperatures and rainfall averages North of the Tropic of Capricorn, near the coast? If I go as far North as the Atacama Desert, but I stay near the Pacific, what are rainfall levels like? Also, how many months / year is it warm enough to swim in the ocean (would need to be 21C + / 70F +). Thanks a ton!

Chile: Climate - Antofagasta to Arica:

We're considering a move. We'll try a long visit before we do anything crazy, so right now I'm trying to decide if worth the long visit. I am curious about the climate of Northern Chile. Specifically: 1. I'm looking for a place with year round swimming (water temps at least 70+ all year). 2. Rain. Needs to be enough rain to farm. I know the North is dry, but if you're living on the coast, off the beach or something, I assume there's enough rain? Thanks!

Ecuador Welcome Forum: Lifestyle questions:

I'm an ESL teacher. Looking to move my family SOUTH. I've heard good things about Ecuador. I'm looking for the following: 1. Tropical beach 2. Organic food 3. Relaxed marijuana policy 4. Friendly community where my wife and son will feel safe and happy Will I find this in Ecuador? Thanks!

Chile: Considering a move; worried about earthquakes and weather:

I am an ESL teacher with a wife and a toddler. We are considering a move to Chile. I like tropical beaches, nice weather, and organic food. Will I be able to find something fitting this description in the North along the coast, or does the Atacama go right to the coast? Also, I'm worried about earthquakes, tsunamis and landslides. Any advice? Thanks!

Costa Rica: Pesticides in Costa Rica:

I am an ESL teacher with a wife and young son. We are considering a move to Costa Rica. Specifically, we want to live on a tropical beach with good weather and quality food... I have heard the environment is Costa Rica is wonderful and, overall, very clean (not as much so in the large cities...?); however, I have also heard that Costa Rica has the highest pesticide usage in the entire world. Is this true? Are reforms being made? Is the food safe? Are the pesticides poisoning people, etc.? Thank you!


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