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Hi there. I am trying to find a job in Canada. I have lived in the UK all my life and am a British citizen. But I am confused about the process. The jobs I am trying to find are probably a niche market, so few and far between. When I have gone to careers pages of organisations which could potentially have relevant positions, I have found positions I could potentially apply for, Most of them say 'Only Canadian Citizens, legal residents or residents with a legal work permit will be considered.' I am confused as to what this means. Here in the UK, the person applies for a job and then sorts out a work permit after securing the job - either with the help of the company who gave them the job, or individually applying. But you get the job first. What do I have to do for Canada - how can I get a work permit or become a legal resident without a job there yet? Do the companies not sponsor? A few months ago there was a company in Vancouver that seemed very interested in me. I was interviewed twice and they seemed very keen, They said they would go and check on what I needed to do for the immigration process and thhen they got back to me saying that they wouldn't be progressing my application, but there was no explanation. I tried to ask them about it but I got no response.


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