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Czech Republic: first time traveling to cz:

Flying from texas to cz seems a bit pricey, is there a less expensive way to travel trough Europe to cz?

Belize: 6month stay in belize?:

I will be vacationing in belize in November, i would like to move there but i want to get a feel for the place. Im reading all your past threads about working, lving, crime, health care, food, unpaved road, bugs, corruption, and several others topics, seems like there are about 4-5 strong posters on this forum. Im a 28 yr old male from texas, i too am tired of the never ending rat race, all i want to do is read, garden, and play some acoustic covers. How likely is it that i could live comfortably in belize on an average income of 2k? Which district is suitable for someone under 30?


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