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Belize: Medical services:

Hey all, I am based in PG, but have recently been offered a job abroad and need to undertake a range of medical examinations - dental, xrays on my chest, vaccinations and a check up. As my new employer is paying I want to make sure I get the best assessments I can. Has anyone any recommendations for a) good dentist, b) a medical centre that can do all this? Due to my location, I kinda need to call ahead and make sure they have the vaccinations in stock etc before making a trip up. Any help appreciated, Matt

Belize: 30 day permit:

Hi all, I am looking for recent experiences regarding renewing the 30 day "tourist visa" past six months. I have spent quite awhile researching and cannot find consistent information. Some say that you can simply keep renewing but at a higher cost. Others say that you will need to apply for TEP or another visa at that point. I only want to stay an additional two months, but am not sure if I will be able to.


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