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My income is quiet substantially pretty excellent in my retirement I am wondering if my 32 year old daughter can live with me down there 6 months a year living off my income or does she have to have her own separate income?

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Plan on visiting come spring time. My income is substantial or seems to be I clear $5,000 a month automatic deposit through retirement. I have traveled extensively throughout my life I have learned to use common sense and respect the people & culture of all. My question is what do I do once I land in Belize what then?. I am thinking I would like to find a place along to coast outside the city and very quiet. Not looking for the night life but rather a small village to relax. I cn easily afford anywhere from $1000 -$1500 a month for rental Any comments would be helpful I am 67 single & retired Looking for a 2 bedroom real nice place furnished If u would like PM me @


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