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Nicaragua: 2020 Retirement Planning:

Why is Laguna De Apoyo and kayaking all the time not realistic? With 1500 a month you can live quite well here for the most part. There are vacation rentals, or mansions or huge beach houses that would be out of that range. But you can certainly get a very nice place and food for under that amount without having to live a life pinching pennies. Beach living will be more expensive, as the real estate is generally more, and you are a bit farther from places like markets, supermarkets, malls, etc. So you have transportation and a lot of coming and going to figure in. If you are looking in Matagalpa you can find furnished homes. Furnished homes are not super common outside of the touristy areas, so the less of a tourist location you are in, the harder it is to find furnished, modern rental homes. There are some all over though, it just might take a bit more searching the smaller, or less touristy the location.

Belize: Driving from Texas to Belize:

i took a route that didnt involve toll roads or going through the city. From laredo if you head over to the gulf of mexico/carribean side at Reynosa or Matamoros, you can take the 180 / 80 all the way down the coast through Tampico, Tuxpam, Veracruz, Coatzacoalcos. When you get to Villahermosa cut across the peninsula to Chetumal and down into Belize. I found this route to be beautiful, quick, and pretty hasslefree overall.

Belize: ISO: long term rental in modest house in Hopkins:

Looking for a humble / modest house (local standards) in Hopkins for long term - indefinite term. Luxury is not needed, nor are amenities. I can get my own furnishings as well if its not furnished. the cheaper the better.

Nicaragua: Driving to Nica from Texas:

I did this, and it was nothing like the people on here, who have NOT done it are saying. I didnt have to bribe a single person on the way down, or slip money into any jefe's hands. The hardest was the Honduras border when coming out of El Salvador cause they wanted to tax my stuff and charge me 40 bucks. I just kept saying no until they let me go. Mexico was awesome, and they barely even looked in my car. I had electronics and all that stuff in there, but as long as you dont have like 20 of the same electronic, its considered personal use and no one cares. If you have a stack of brand new DVD players, then they will assume you are selling them, and maybe tax you. You can bring anything thats not illegal with you. It was a nice experience, and the drive was awesome. Its really beautiful on the road. Try not to drive at night. Its best to find a place to stay on the way and then head out in the morning again.

Nicaragua: Managua fr the expat:

Managua has the most expats of anywhere by virtue of being by far the largest city in the country, but not the kind that come for retiring, etc. Its all people that are here for embassies, universities or work/business, etc. In general Managua is not a city that people CHOOSE to be in for the beauty or relaxation, its where they are because thats where the work is, and where things happen. Managua has, by far, the most to offer. The most nightlife, the most amenities, the most restaurants and activities, malls and parks, etc. But its sprawling and difficult to navigate for the most part. Much of the city there is no need to go into as its just residential barrio after barrio with nothing inside of them. If you are interested in the city, most live on the edges of the city. Santo Domingo, Las Colinas, or any of the million gated residential areas along Carretera Masaya and Carretera Sur. There is no central gringo area, and most of the expats that are here are always working, or getting out of town, so you rarely see them throughout the city unlike places you mentioned like Granada where people go to hang out and relax and be seen around a small town.


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